Outriders Doubles Horrendous Legendary Drop Rate

Outriders Doubles Horrendous Legendary Drop Rate
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If players have one complaint about Outriders — besides the rampant connectivity issues and the inexplicable instant deaths — it’s with the game’s apparent dearth of legendary weapons and armour. Today, after much community feedback, developer People Can Fly finally addressed the issue by rolling out an update that doubled the legendary drop rate.

Since the game launched in April, players have complained about the game’s legendary drop rate, which appeared to hover somewhere in that liminal space between 0 and 0.000001 per cent. No matter what you’d do, you’d rarely if ever come across gold-coloured gear, even if you were in the endgame “Expeditions” missions.

“What’s the point of a +425% Legendary Drop Rate Modifier?” one player joked in a Reddit post from two months ago. (Difficulty in Outriders is determined by a scaled system called World Tiers. On a higher World Tier, you’ll face tougher enemies, but you’ll also get an increased legendary loot drop rate. But what good is increasing a supposed 0 per cent rate by 425 per cent?) Many, many other Reddit threads in the interim weeks have raised similar questions and concerns.

In my experience, they’re not off base. I’ve played more than 60 hours and have just a handful of legendary pieces of gear spread across my three characters. Some of those were the result of scripted, or guaranteed, loot drops through boss fights.

Today’s update increases the drop rate of legendary gear by 100 per cent. People Can Fly further implemented changes to bolster players’ luck. For one thing, legendary weapons and armour are no longer saddled with so-called “level brackets,” meaning that gear can now drop at any level. For another, there are now systems in place to prevent duplicated items, another issue that has plagued Outriders players seeking high-powered gear. Even the “appreciation package” — which offered a free legendary weapon to folks who stuck with the game during its rocky launch period — reportedly resulted in some players getting duplicate items.

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What’s more, the game’s luck system “has been improved and players should no longer experience very long droughts without a Legendary item dropped during endgame.” It’s unclear how long “very long droughts” are, and whether or not they’re measured by number of enemies killed or by time elapsed. Representatives for People Can Fly did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


    • Oh, I don’t know about that.. I’m still tinkering around in there to play exclusively online with my mate on PS4. Thankfully I got it through game pass, so I haven’t got the anger of ‘I paid money for this half broken game’ that many others have..

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