Pokémon Go Update Adds Flashing Screens, Niantic Working On A Fix

Pokémon Go Update Adds Flashing Screens, Niantic Working On A Fix
Image: Niantic

Niantic has responded to reports that a recent update to Pokémon Go is causing flashing images that could cause photosensitive players to suffer potential harm. The developer replied to various outlets explaining that they are working “as quickly as possible” to correct the issue.

The issue was first reported on The Silph Road Reddit, explaining that when players tapped on a Pokémon to catch it, there was a “bright white flash” when it transitions to the capture screen. One player with epilepsy reported that it was causing them to get sick as they played, saying they were “signs of a[n] incoming seizure.”

Others quickly responded saying they’d noticed the difference too, with others reporting they had seizures after playing. After this was picked up by sites like ComicBook, Niantic responded with statements explaining it was due to a recent change in the game that “altered the transition time between screens.” They added that they are intending to push an update “this week” to fix it.

It’s worth noting this isn’t the first time photosensitive players have reported issues with flashing white transitions in Pokémon Go. A year ago another similar report was made on the somewhat less Niantic-approved Pokémon Go Spoofing Reddit, again with others reporting the same issue.

Being entirely photo-insensitive, I hadn’t noticed any difference in the transitions, which always seem tiresomely glitchy to me, but clearly this is a solid warning to those at risk of seizures to maybe steer clear of the game until after the weekend. Which sucks, what with its being the Solstice event in the game right now, alongside the pride-adjacent A Seven-Coloured Shadow special research.


  • This is why I will forever think that having a default black screen for transitions is better than a white one. Seems like most of the recent games having issues with flickers or glitches involve bright white, which only makes this worse for photosensitive people.

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