PS5 x Balenciaga T-Shirts Cost More Than A PS5 Does

PS5 x Balenciaga T-Shirts Cost More Than A PS5 Does
Image: PlayStation

PlayStation is normally pretty savvy when it comes to high-profile fashion collaborations, but this latest partnership with luxury label Balenciaga, consisting of a t-shirt and hoodie that both cost more than an actual PlayStation 5, is dumb.

While luxury labels dipping their toes into this popular culture/streetwear stuff is nothing new, the extraordinary prices being charged here — $US675 ($866) for the shirts and an incredible $US875 ($1,122) for the hoodie — are gross. I know that’s the point. I know the whole reason Sony even signed this deal is so they can see headlines like the one I wrote above and revel in the press.

But fine, if I’m taking the bait, how about this: there is such a thing as bad press, and in a time when PlayStation fans are still having trouble buying a console, while at the same time living through a global pandemic and ever-widening income equality, maybe teaming up with a luxury fashion label to charge $US675 ($866) for a shirt that looks like something Best Buy staff had to wear on launch night isn’t the best look.

Image: PlayStation Image: PlayStation


  • There’s always someone who’ll buy it, the kind of person who doesn’t need to look at price tags

    Or the one who’s such a huge fan and doesn’t mind eating mi goreng for a while

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