Returnal Patch Fixes Busted Trophies

Returnal Patch Fixes Busted Trophies

Returnal, the PS5-exclusive roguelike about listening to a really popular ‘70s song, received another update this morning. It doesn’t do a thing about the maddening lack of of a save system, but it does purport to fix another notorious issue plaguing the game: trophies.

Since Returnal launched six weeks ago, players have reported issues unlocking trophies for the game. You could hit all of the requirements (for instance, “have five parasites simultaneously”) and still not unlock the trophy (in this case, the bronze-grade “Irreversibly Contaminated” trophy).

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Patch 1.4 makes it so you can replay trophies from acts one and two. (The acts, by the way, refer to how Returnal’s narrative is structured.) For those you can’t, it also adds “support to retroactively award Trophies [that] cannot be replayed.”

There’s also the pervasive matter of absent scout logs. Throughout Returnal’s procedurally generated environments, you’ll find audio files narrated by main character Selene Vassos, which, put together, slowly but surely colour in the story. You’ll need to find them all if you want to nail down 100-per cent completion for the game. But some reportedly haven’t spawned reliably. As you can imagine, that has frustrated some players. Patch 1.4 makes some headway there by increasing the potential spawn locations of four particularly difficult-to-find logs: 9, 34, 35, and 46.

Today’s patch also addresses some requisite minor fixes — like poor audio syncs, rare freezes and crashes, and the ever-vague “performance improvements” — while also tweaking the balance for boss fights, cannon fodder enemies, and weapons. Per the devs at Housemarque, the goal there is to provide “a more balanced gameplay experience.” It’s unclear which specific enemies and weapons received adjustments; studio representatives did not immediately respond to Kotaku’s request for comment.

Oh, one tip before you go: As with all Returnal patch rollouts, if you’ve currently suspended your console while you’re in the middle of a run, make sure you’ve disabled auto-updates on your PS5. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to that run.

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