5 Snacks That Won’t Get In The Way Of Your Gaming

5 Snacks That Won’t Get In The Way Of Your Gaming
Contributor: Alice Clark
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Snacking is a core part of enjoying the gaming experience. I don’t know what it is about saving the world or playing competitive, violent hide and seek, but it’s just always better with a good snack.

However, there are few things worse than a gummy controller covered in grease, sauce, or other goo. So, here are five delicious snacking options that won’t ruin your fancy controllers.

A grazing platter

Not only are most ingredients on a grazing platter non-greasy, but they also are delicious and make you feel classy as hell. Some carrot and celery sticks, a little ramekin of hummus (or another preferred dip), cheese (with a cheese knife) and water crackers (not Savoys or similar, because they are a little greasy), and maybe even some of those twiggy sticks, and you’re set.

You can make it vegetarian by replacing the twiggy sticks with olives and a toothpick/tiny fork, or vegan by switching out the cheese for a second dip.

A grazing platter always sounds like such an extravagance, but you’re worth it.

Salty, non-fried snacks

Chips are obviously the best of all snacks, but most of them are cooked in oil, which then comes off on your controllers. A better option is to go for crunchy pretzels or salted (not buttered) popcorn.

To make sure your popcorn isn’t greasy you can make it yourself easily by getting a little bag of popcorn kernels, pouring a single layer into the bottom of a Corningware (or similar) casserole dish with a lid. Place the lidded dish into a microwave for 3:33, removing the popped corn to a bowl, and then putting the remaining, unpopped kernels back into the microwave for 3:00. You can use just plain salt, or get fancy with garlic salt, chicken salt, or even truffle salt.


The story goes that the Western, modern version of the sandwich was created in the mid-1700s because John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, wanted a snack while he played cards, but didn’t want to get his hands dirty or deal with a fork. The dude had a point, and sandwiches are still a filling and non-greasy meal, perfect for gaming.

You can also go back to the more traditional origins of the sandwich, back to Hillel the Elder — who used to eat lamb and herbs in soft matzah — and have a flatbread wrap.

The best thing about sandwiches and wraps is that you can really put anything in them. The only things holding you back are your imagination, fridge contents, and intestinal fortitude.

A mug of soup

Sometimes a bowl of soup is too much and can be a little fiddly to eat as it requires a bowl, spoon, table and (depending on your dexterity and drippiness of the soup) a bib/napkin.

A mug of soup, however, is easy to eat one-handed, keeps your hands, clothes and controller completely clean, is warm, and appropriately snack-sized.

Bubble tea

Yes, technically bubble tea is a drink, but it’s also kind of a cold, sweet soup that is super filling. Sure, its nutritional value is minimal, but you can gain antioxidants and energy, and sometimes that’s enough.

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