Some Switch Users Can’t Download Games After Recent Firmware Update

Some Switch Users Can’t Download Games After Recent Firmware Update

The latest Switch stability update appears to be causing issues with downloads to the system, according to several complaints lodged on social media over the last few days.

A cascade of Switch users has reported receiving a specific error code, 2123-1502, while trying to download games and updates with the ver.12.0.3 firmware, which went out earlier this week, installed on their systems.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku
Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

“I hope this gets resolved soon,” wrote one r/NintendoSwitch user. “I have been getting this error for 4 days now.”

“The Switch can’t handle too much stability,” joked another.

“Nintendo, fix your shit,” a third demanded.

Not even Kinda Funny personality Greg Miller has been spared by dreaded error code.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to Kotaku’s request for comment.

Switch firmware ver.12.0.3 was first released on June 7 before, as Siliconera caught at the time, pulling it on June 8. Presumably, the move was due to the update causing issues with network connections. The firmware patch was quietly reinstated sometime later this week, but going by recent reactions on Reddit and Twitter, the developers have yet to entirely eradicate its bugs.

How do I fix Switch error code 2123-1502?

I’ve personally seen the download error multiple times, both with Umurangi Generation and various Picross S updates, but in each case, successfully restarting my download was simply a matter of clicking ‘Continue’ on the menu prompt. And while some folks have claimed that the issue mostly affects games over 4 GB in size, I’ve redownloaded New Pokémon Snap, a game that’s exactly 6 GB, multiple times with zero problems. As of now, it seems to be a sporadic (if still frustrating) issue.

If you too are stuck trying to download something on your Switch, our friends over at Lifehacker have compiled some helpful solutions in lieu of an official fix from Nintendo. These include rebooting your Switch completely, clearing your cache, and adjusting the console’s Google DNS settings. All very simple, yes, but it could be just what you need to get gaming again.

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