Songs Of Conquest Is Basically Heroes Of Might And Magic 3: JRPG Edition

Songs Of Conquest Is Basically Heroes Of Might And Magic 3: JRPG Edition
Image: Coffee Stain (Steam)

The problem with shows like E3 is some very cool titles get buried under the collective weight of hundreds of games. So I’d like to take the time to remind everyone that a Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game basically showed up, but with an aesthetic that looks like a dead ringer for the gorgeous Eiyuden Chronicle.

If you’ve played Heroes of Might and Magic 3 before, you know the drill. Get a hero, amass an army from a base, wander around the map until you run into resources and nearby encounters. That triggers a hex-based tactics phase where you shuffle armies around, keeping ranged units safe from melee attackers, while bombing the battlefield with spells.

Now imagine that style of gameplay, and give everything the most JRPG look imaginable:

One trailer isn’t enough to do it justice. So look at these shots from the official Steam page, and you’ll immediately know why I’m losing my shit over this.

songs of conquest songs of conquest songs of conquest songs of conquest songs of conquest

Look at that goddamn map! There’s artifacts all over the map. There’s wood mills and spare caches of wood that, obviously, you’ll go back to your Fortress (the name of one of the factions from HOMM 3) to spend on buildings.

There’s stacks of armies. There’s statues on the map for experience. I’m damn sure that bottom screenshot has a minotaur hiding towards the top. Heroes have attack, magic and defence ratings, with a separate modifier for movement speed.

The official game will have four factions: Barony of Loth, Rana, Barya and Arleon. There’s a pre-fight tactics phase where you can shuffle your units around to be in more advantageous positions. You also get your mana from your troops, rather than a pool that’s based on your individual hero’s stats and traits. Songs of Conquest will ship with a level editor as well, which is powerful enough to let you script events, change the soundtrack and write your own dialogue for NPCs, quests and more.

songs of conquest

It’s fucking HOMM. Coffee Stain, the same studio currently enjoying literal millions from the massive success of Satisfactory and Valheim, have gone and found a studio that just remade HOMM 3 for 2021. That studio, incidentally, is a Swedish team called Lavapotion. It’s their first title, and I have all fingers and toes crossed that they nail what they’re going for here.

Songs of Conquest is due out in early 2022. It’ll support Macs as well, for everyone running around with an M1 laptop these days.


  • I was watching the exhibition and just yelling excitedly, “IT’S HOMM. IT’S FUCKING HOMM,” and my partner just wasn’t getting why this is such a big deal.

    There are so few good HOMM clones out that I’ll even gladly take budget stuff like Disciples franchise and, uh… pore over a combination of lore resource guides for the complete in-game universe as represented by games to play through all the HOMM and M&M titles in chronological order… currently only so far as the very early parts following the journey of Tarnum in Heroes Chronicles. 😛

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