Superman Flying Around, Eating Rice In New Japanese Comic

Superman Flying Around, Eating Rice In New Japanese Comic

D.C. Comics and Japanese publisher Kodansha are teaming up for a new gourmet-themed comic called Superman vs. Meshi: Superman no Hitori Meshi or Superman vs. Food: Meal For One. In it, the Man of Steel flies around, eating at different restaurants in Japan at lunchtime.

[Full disclosure: Kodansha published my first two books.]

According to the official announcement, Satoshi Miyagawa is penning the comic while it will be drawn by Kai Kitago. Miyagawa is best known for creating the Space Battleship Tiramisu manga, which was adapted into a manga.

This is the third collaboration between D.C. and Kodansha. Previously, the two joined forces for Batman Justice Buster, with Tomohiro Shimoguchi and Eiichi Shimizu giving the Dark Knight getting a fresh, new spin. Previously, both Shimoguchi and Shimizu teamed up for Getter Robo and the Ultraman manga adaptation.

The second collab was Wanope Joker or One Operation Joker in which the villain saves a baby Bruce Wayne.

Image: D.C. | Kodansha
Image: D.C. | Kodansha

It’s interesting to see the takes from manga authors and artists because they do feel so different. Like, Superman flying around, eating Japanese food? With dashing manga good looks? Count me in. I’m totally interested.

The upcoming foodie hero comic will be released on June 22 in the manga magazine Evening, with the first chapter coming in at around 30 pages. It will also be available through the publisher’s Comic Days website.


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