Switch Gets A Notes App, So The Calculator Doesn’t Get Lonely

Switch Gets A Notes App, So The Calculator Doesn’t Get Lonely

If you’re one of the five people who got unseemly excited that there’s a Calculator app on the Switch, then I hope you’re sitting down because this next bit of news is about to be your E3:

You seated? OK.

There’s now a Notes app too.

Today for the low, low sale price of $3 you can write little notes for yourself on your Nintendo Switch.

To use Notes, you write on a screen of ruled white paper where your messages appear as a kinda tiny and very messy script. The handwriting style is a little childlike, reminding me of the kind of stuff I produced when I still held my pencil in my fists instead of my fingers.

The description for the app is charming if a little rough around the edges, with misspellings and awkward English suggesting it’s probably not the developer’s primary language. It reads:

“You can have right now a wonderful too [sic] to note down anything you need on your everyday life. This is a simple and useful (it works perfectly) notation book for you, gamer or not gamer, to take notes in an easy and quick way. It comes with an automatic saving tool too.”

I’m equally charmed by the example screenshots, especially the shopping list that seems more like one of those hydration or medication bots, reminding you of what you’re actually supposed to do with the items you buy.

EAT! (Screenshot: Nintendo)
EAT! (Screenshot: Nintendo)

It was inevitable that Notes would come to the Switch after the calculator. After all there’s probably some overlap between people willing to pay $US10 ($13) for a calculator and people willing to pay $US10 ($13) for Notes. At least I can actually think of some practical application for Notes versus Calculator. (Because I don’t care what you say, ain’t nobody doing no maths on no Switch.)

Children don’t yet have access to their own cell phone, for example, might use Notes to jot down their strongly worded letter urging Sakurai to finally add Waluigi to Smash. Could a little notebook work too? Yeah, but if I were seven and had to choose between carrying a notebook or my Switch, Switch wins every time.

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