Grab The Switch Pro Controller For $69, But Be Quick About It

Grab The Switch Pro Controller For $69, But Be Quick About It
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The Switch Pro Controller is the best controller of the generation — even for PC gaming — and right now, it’s at a banging price thanks to Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Australia are selling the Pro Controller for $69, one of the best ever deals for the controller that I can remember. It was at around $82 earlier this morning, which wasn’t a bad price, but $69 is even better.

Update 21/6 11pm: The Pro controller has gone back up to $82, which is still a saving of 18% off.

This is a Prime Day lightning deal, so it’ll disappear after a limited time or when it sells it – which comes first. This deal is also only available to Amazon Prime members, so make sure you’ve logged in or signed up beforehand.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

It’s worth pointing out again that the Pro Controller even has a hidden message inside. If you’ve never seen it before, all you have to do is push down on the right stick and peer through the plastic. I had to shine my phone’s torch at it to see — the text is underneath the stick, not on the stick itself.

If you want to know what to look for, here’s a guide:

Pretty sweet for a stock controller.

For those playing on PC, an extra tip: you can flip a setting inside Steam’s Big Picture mode to flip the generic gamepad button prompts around so it matches the layout of the Switch/Pro Controller. I don’t personally do this when using the Pro Controller, because I still have to use other gamepads for certain games — I couldn’t get the Pro Controller to work inside Microsoft Flight Simulator (as I’m launching that through Windows, not Steam, and therefore Steam’s controller configurations aren’t being applied).

Either way, great controller and an even better deal. Go pick it up now while it’s in stock.

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  • “The Switch Pro Controller is the best controller of the generation — even for PC gaming”

    It’s a banging controller, solid heft and meatiness to it – no doubt. Great candidate for ‘best controller of the generation’ BUT the D-Pad is trash, it just. does. not. work. It’s like sticky or something, you can’t press it with any assurance it registers properly. I can’t remember ever needing to touch though for any of the first party games.

    • Also, with digital not analogue triggers, it’s useless for driving games. Can’t play it for Forza on the PC etc.

  • Unfortunately it looks like that deal is all dried up, only being available to a certain number of customers 🙁

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