The Most Notorious Twitch Bans

The Most Notorious Twitch Bans
Image: Twitch

Every week dozens of streamers get banned and unbanned from Twitch for infractions that range from the ridiculous to the extremely what-the-fuck-were-you-thinking? Streamerbans tracks the highest profile ones, and has become a go-to source for staying on top of who’s in internet time-out, sort of like Dead or Alive? but for one particular ilk of social media celebrity.

For example, the big news this week has been the temporary suspensions of streamers Amouranth and Indiefoxx. The former coincided with a viral clip of Amouranth slurping a mic while neighing in a horse mask and the latter happened after Indiefoxx performed yoga poses while licking a fake human ear and speaking softly. Just your average internet hijinks from stars pushing the envelope of livestream performance.

But the suspensions and the bizarre context surrounding helped cement both streamers rank at the top of Streamerbans unofficial leaderboard for site visits. The site shared the following list of its top 10 most-frequented “Are they banned?” pages with Kotaku:

  1. Indiefoxx

  2. Amouranth

  3. Alinity

  4. DrDisrespect

  5. MissbehavinOfficial

  6. Yoda

  7. Brunenger

  8. xmgrau

  9. ElmiilloR

  10. Orslok

Indiefoxx and Amourath are both ahead of Alinity who was banned for 24 hours back in April of last year after briefly exposing her nipple while trying to tuck a pillow under her shirt, and even DrDisrespect who has been suspended from Twitch since the start of last summer for reasons which the platform still hasn’t publicly disclosed.

Streamerbans also tracks the total number of bans at any given time. Weirdly, April 27, 2021 was apparently set the record for the most Twitch bans in a single day. “As to why there are so many suspensions on April 27th, we really have no clue,” a representative of the site told Kotaku. “We’ve had a few bigger waves of suspensions that are related to DMCA claims (during live-events), but that was apparently not the case there.”

Late April was around when the discourse over Twitch’s hot tub meta reached a fever pitch, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear connection between that or any other event for the particular ban toll on that day. Maybe Twitch’s moderators were just itching to to flex their banhammer muscles, or perhaps the ebb and flow of streaming bans are, like the rest of life, occasionally capricious and often impossible to predict.

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