The Valve Index Is Finally Coming To Australia Through EB Games

The Valve Index Is Finally Coming To Australia Through EB Games
Image: Valve

After teasing users for years with its promises of being the high-end VR headset fans have always wanted, the Valve Index is finally making its way to Australia.

It’s being stocked exclusively at EB Games so far, making it the first time Australians will have been able to buy Valve’s VR gear with full warranty. (Previously, you had to go through the enormous hassle of importing the Valve Index from overseas, which was a whole nightmare.)

Those that did import the Valve Index ended up playing around $1900 to $2000 depending on the exchange rate at the time, so the $1899.95 price being charged on EB for the full kit is a pretty reasonable deal.

valve index
Image: EB Games

As a reminder, the full Valve Index kit comes with two base stations, two Valve Index VR controllers, and the 1440×1600 RGB LCD headset.

Here’s the full spec list:

  • Display: Two 1440×1600 LCD Displays @ 80 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz, or 144 Hz
  • Sound: Integrated headphones, 3.5mm audio jack, built-in dual microphone array
  • Controller: Valve Index Controllers
  • Camera: Front-facing 960×960 stereo cameras
  • Connectivity: DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.0 expansion port
  • Backward compatibility: supports HTC Vive and Vive Pro Controllers and HTC Vive and Vive Pro Base Stations

EB Games are also stocking all of the parts separately. And if you don’t have the space for a room-scale VR setup, you can buy the Valve Index headset and controllers separately for $1499.95:

eb games valve index
Image: EB Games

For more details on the Valve Index kit, head over to the EB Games listing here. If you want to know what the Index is like to live like, we have a full review up here from a couple of years ago when it first launched in the US.


  • I ah…. may have dropped $1k on 4 base stations and index controllers to pair to my HP G2…. lol.

    Just a headsup for anyone buying though, its only $100 more to get 4 base stations, controllers, and headset by buying them separately than it is to get 2 base stations, controller, headset, bundled.

    • Why do you need 4 base stations? Also… it’s $250 per base station… so your maths doesn’t check out. I think you’ve spent $1k on 2 base stations and index controllers (which is fine – I’m strongly considering getting a pair of knuckles for my existing G2 and v1 base stations).
      How are you pairing your index controllers to your HP G2? Have you got the appropriate dongles? (The index controller pair to the headset, otherwise you need dedicated dongles).

        • :O It’s certainly a bit misleading have a photo of two of them when they’re selling them separately. They probably accidentally listed it as a 2 pack based off the image.

          In any case, any reason you’d need 4? 2 Should be fine. Are you familiar with how to sync the knuckles with a WMR headset? It’s a bit frustrating (and needs dongles as I’d mentioned) – but works pretty well once setup. Shame the G2 tracking is simply not as good as lighthouse tracked =(

          • Yeah I’ve got two Steam controller dongles I can flash over to watchman.

            And as much as I like the G2, in all honesty, between setup issues, cable issues, and lack of controller expandability, probably just should have bought a Vive.

            As for four, I transport my headset from downstairs to upstairs all the time. Figured buy 4 now and if I buy a Valve headset in the future I’ve got two stations in both play areas.

          • (answering [email protected] below – won’t let me reply direct).

            G2 has amazing visuals (I “upgraded” to it from an Original Vive), but WMR is absolute garbage, as are the controllers – rather use my wands. Build quality doesn’t seem great either (loads of issues at launch, my right speaker is still flakey). Lighthouse based tracking is leagues better than what WMR offers; I’m surprised so many people “settle” for it.

            Regarding base stations, given the cost – might make more sense to buy some v1’s if you can find any? Mine are still working great.

    • In the same boat. i got rid of my piece of trash Vive Cosmos Elite, and grabbed the Reverb G2. I cant justify buying the Index kit though, its a significant downgrade in terms of display. And i cant justify spending 1k on controller upgrade.

      TBH i think this is a little late, we are about due for an Index 2 announcement i recon. Gonna hold onto the casholas till then.

  • “And if you don’t have the space for a room-scale VR setup, you can buy the Valve Index headset and controllers separately…” I don’t follow the rationale here. You need at least one base station for seated gameplay. The Index (and knuckles) require base stations to operate.
    The reason they’re sold separately is that some people already have base stations (or other base station based controllers).

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