The World’s First ‘Skateboating’ Game Looks Rad

The World’s First ‘Skateboating’ Game Looks Rad

Skateboarding is cool and all, but it’s been around for a long time. I’ve played plenty of skating games. I need something new. Something like Wave Break, a skateBOATing game that combines ‘80s era visuals, boat grinding, and animals into one rad-looking package.

Wave Break is currently being developed by Funktroniclabs. Based on a trailer released last week, it’s looking very good.

The devs describe Wave Break as the world’s first skateboating game and, after doing hours of research (I looked on Google and YouTube for a few minutes), I believe them. Set in a “Miami Vice inspired world” that includes icy tundras, lovely coastlines, and techno-future cities, Wave Break stars various animals treating boats like skateboards to do tricks and grind rails, all while using guns to fight baddies and rival animals. The game looks to have a ton of customisation too, allowing players to build and play custom skateboarding parks. Players will also be able to fully trick out their boats and animals in era-appropriate fashion and cosmetics.

Wave Break will support solo play, as well as online co-op and split-screen play with different modes, including a trick attack mode that sounds similar to something you might find in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. There’s also an episodic storyline focusing on the rivalry between the mafia’s Big Pin and police detective McHutchenson. Expect explosions, twists, and of course, lots of skateboarding action.

Wave Break comes to Steam and Switch on June 11. You can read more about the game, its ‘80s-tastic soundtrack, the various modes, and check out more screenshots of it in action over on its official website.

Now, excuse me while I buy a white suit, some sunglasses and slick back my hair in preparation to get wild and wet in the ‘80s.


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