Watch Dogs: Legion Gets A Surprise Free Zombie Mode Of Sorts

Watch Dogs: Legion Gets A Surprise Free Zombie Mode Of Sorts
A Ubisoft Original. (Image: Ubisoft)

Available today, as a surprise free alpha test for Watch Dog: Legion PC players, Legion of the Dead fills the game’s London with zombies. Up to four players are tasked with scavenging the resources they need to survive while using their special skills to thwart the zombie hoards. Sounds neat! I sure hope people play it.

Though the streets of London are crawling with zombies, killing them is not the objective of Legion of the Dead. Instead, players must grab supplies being hoarded by Albion soldiers and Clan Kelley enforcers, and return them to your base. Each of the one-to-four players in a match starts with a random survivor and a special gadget. They must scan the map for resources and then plan and execute their heist. It’s up to players if they want to kill zombies, avoid them, or maybe lure them into an outpost to distract the forces of Albion and Clan Kelley while they make off with the loot. Successful runs reward Z-Creds, which can be used to purchase powerful weapons and gadgets for the next run.

Screenshot: UbisoftScreenshot: Ubisoft

It’s an interesting idea, taking the vast London map created for Watch Dogs: Legion, filling it with the undead, and sending players out into the streets to do a little survival shopping. Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is available today in the free games tab of Ubisoft Connect to anyone who owns the game on PC, including Ubisoft+ subscribers. Console and streaming service players will have to wait for the beta.


  • Soloing it was a bit meh! Can see a group of 4 having a bit of fun with it but then I think with 4 players it would be too easy.

    The Albion elite zombies suck… they all have helmets and there are massive clumps of them around the extraction point.

    Its another zombie game, nothing new, wish they could of been a bit more imaginative and used the robot/AI/brain interface story to make it aesthetically match. There was a alien mini game in the first watch dogs that had more eye candy then plain old zombies. Will see how this develops over time.

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