Rewatch The E3 2021 Xbox-Bethesda Games Showcase Here

Rewatch The E3 2021 Xbox-Bethesda Games Showcase Here

What does a joint E3 Xbox and Bethesda conference look like? Will we see more of Starfield? What’s Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer looking like — and what’s Halo Infinite itself looking like these days? All these questions, and more, will be answered in just a few hours at E3 2021.

Both companies would typically hold hour or more long conferences of their own in E3 events past. This time around, both companies will go through their future slate of games for 2021 and beyond within 90 minutes.

Given there’s the future of Xbox hardware to talk about — what’s going to support Dolby Vision, and how is the Xbox cloud streaming rollout going — and process updates on things like Xbox Game Pass, I’m expecting a pretty rapid-fire show.

The E3 2021 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase kicks off at 3:00am AEST / 1:00am AWST / 5:00am NZST / 2:30am ACST. You can watch it via the YouTube embed below. You’ll also be able to set a notification, just in case you need the extra alarm.

Updates on Halo Infinite, the Forza franchise, Starfield and a ton of indies through the ID@Xbox program are all but guaranteed. Some industry observers have poured water on the idea of seeing games like Perfect Dark or the Fable reboot.

If we’re taking guesses and potshots, I’d firstly like to see Flight Simulator on the Xbox — and specifically how they’re working around the challenges of having things like navlogs and maps, which you’d normally control with a mouse and keyboard (even when using a gamepad/flight stick etc. on PC).

On Bethesda’s side, while Starfield is an obvious drawcard for many, I’m actually really keen to see what they do with the Quake series. There’s been plenty of attempts to reboot it from a multiplayer perspective. But the success of DOOM‘s singleplayer and the experience of many retro shooters lately (Graven, Ion Fury, Project Warlock, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, DUSK, Amid Evil) must surely be a sign to id that a straight remaster of the original’s campaigns and expansions would sell so well. More Age of Empires 4 is likely too, although more specifics will probably be reserved for the PC Gaming Show later Monday morning.

What do you want to see from the E3 Xbox-Bethesda joint showcase?


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