What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Klei Entertainment

With Melbourne still in lockdown and much of the gaming world in a bit of hiatus as E3 2021 spins up, the weekend is a good time to check in with some of the smaller parts of the gaming world.

I’ve been steadily working my way through GRAVEN this week, the HEXEN-inspired retro shooter that I played on stream last week. Zack didn’t have the best time with the latest 3D Realms shooter. It’s in early access and there’s definitely some pacing issues, but the experience is authentic enough that it’s made me think about revisiting some of 3D Realms’ other work. I’ve also had my eye on SiN recently, with Nightdive Studios due to remaster that soon, and I never did get around to playing the Shadow Man remaster.

But one game that’s formally out this week, and something that’s super popular in my household: card games.

Image: Griftlands

I spent a bunch of time with Griftlands last year during lockdown, after it launched in early access. I kept meaning to write about it but never got around to it, but I always remember pitching it to friends and family that loved Slay the Spire so much.

This week, the full Griftlands campaign is finally available. It was a cracker of a game in its earlier form, as most Klei games are, and the deckbuilding elements are robust enough without having some of the inconsistency issues that you can sometimes run into with Slay the Spire. (It’s very easy to build a completely unsynergised deck in Spire if you don’t know what you’re doing — Griftlands gives you more leeway in that regard.)

I’m looking forward, a year on, to finally seeing where the campaign goes. But what about yourselves – what are you playing this weekend?


  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – my second crack at it. Having finished Cyberpunk twice I am now going back to the not-so-Wild West to continue Arthur Morgan’s journey. Accompanied by my faithful steed “Horsey” I will wander the dusty plains and untamed wilderness in search of… not sure what, but the game has been fairly good so far.

    • When you say your second crack, do you mean you finished and are running through it a second time or that you drifted away from it the first go around and have started again? Either way, sounds like a great weekend – enjoy it!

  • I’m thoroughly enjoying a slow playthrough of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. First time I’ve been near those games since they were all first released and it’s such a great remaster. I don’t usually get much out of re-releases but this one has been terrific.

    So it will be that, probably broken up by either an ongoing campaign in EU4 or Cities:Skylines.

  • Reliving old memories on Saints Row 3 Remastered. Then i want to finish off Dragon Quest Heroes 2 before i go searching for a new game to play.

  • I’m playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, which is a fun Vikings game but isn’t very Assassin’s Creed-y so far.

  • I got a PS5 a couple weeks ago from EB Games for exclusives, including PS4 ones because I skipped it, seemed like a good time to do it. I just finished Ratchet & Clank and now I’m playing The Order 1886 this weekend, next week maybe Uncharted 4. I’m so so glad they changed up the controllers, still nowhere near the absolute perfection of Xbox controllers but the PS5’s aren’t actively uncomfortable and unergonomic like all the previous generations.

  • I just finished What remains of Edith Finch so on the joint gaming side we are looking for a new game.
    Daughter is still focus on Phogs so more of that
    Solo gaming likely t try and work through the last of Ancestors

  • I started playing Rainbow six Siege (I started using Renown Boosters)
    also the following…
    Assassins Creed Valhalla
    Conan Exiles

  • Mass Effect Legendary mostly. Most of the way through setting up my Male Shep (near end of second run out of three or four), then I’ll do a new set up of my Fem Shep, since I need to start her again to get the bonus talent. Which feels different to how the original worked with NG+

    Probably play a bit of SAO:AL since I went and unlocked a bunch of side stories. Not much else besides that. Maybe throw myself at some of UQ in PSO2 in the vain hope to get drops.

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