Xbox Games Are Getting New Box Art

Xbox Games Are Getting New Box Art
Image: Microsoft

Less than a year after launching the Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft is changing the standard box art for the console’s games in an effort to make it easier for customers to be able to tell which Xbox console an Xbox game on the shelf is compatible with.

Xbox News first spotted the change:

Let’s zoom in and get a closer look:

Image: Microsoft Image: Microsoft

So they’re swapping a small black bar out for a larger white box, and removing the old green band from along the top of the box and replacing it with a small Xbox logo on the left. The smart delivery and Series X logos remain at the top right, but are now printed straight on the game art instead of inside the green band.

The change is already taking place on press and retailer listings for upcoming games:

I like it! I actually really like it. All the same info is there, but the smaller Xbox branding is cleaner, and the black text on white background is much easier to read, as well as being quicker to draw the eye. Best of all it gives the cover art itself a little more room to shine.

Of course this may never have been needed at all if Microsoft could just name their consoles like a normal company, but we’re well past the point of hoping for that, so cleaner revisions are our best-case scenario.


  • Say what you will about the PS5, at least Sony don’t have the problem of explaining the difference between “One X” and “Series X”.

    • Yep, they just burnt all their existing customers by making all their new games only work on one system. Then, back flipped on that idea and now have a convoluted way of upgrading games that also doesn’t even tell you if you’re playing the upgraded version. Good job Sony, really clear messaging.

      • I’ll be honest, I haven’t had an issue knowing which version of a game I’m playing on my PS5, as there’s a little icon that indicates it right on the home screen.

        I agree that the situation could be better (and fuck Sega for not offering free upgrades on Judgment), but it is what it is and it’s mostly liveable.

    • As a Series X owner, it really doesn’t matter what’s on the packaging in my experience. You put the disc in and it works. If it’s a Xbox One game it’ll run faster/better usually and if it’s Series X dedicated it’ll run just the same, but look better and maybe have more optimisation settings depending on the game. So long as “Xbox” is somewhere on the packaging, you really don’t have to care.

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