Yet Another Arcade Closing In Akihabara

Yet Another Arcade Closing In Akihabara
Image: Adores

Last spring, the main Adores Akihabara arcade closed. The building, a local landmark, is now one of an increasing number of shuttered establishments in the area, which has been impacted by the ban on foreign tourists due to covid-19. Now, the other Adores arcade in Akihabara will also close this month.

On June 30, Adores Akihabara 2nd Location will close its doors. This Adores specialised in crane games, but with repeated states of emergencies declared in Tokyo and, as previously mentioned, a tourism ban, no doubt this establishment is feeling the pandemic’s economic impact.

With its closure, this means there won’t be any Adores arcades left in Akihabara — which is inconceivable, really. Adores will still have over 15 locations in Tokyo alone as well as in Chiba, Saitama, Tochigi, and Hokkaido. The fact that arcades are having difficulty surviving in Akihabara of all places just shows how covid-19 is changing the neighbourhood.

Earlier this year, Kotaku reported that things were horrible for Japanese arcades.

When things improve and tourists return, I do hope game centres open (or, rather, reopen) in Akihabara, but right now, it’s hard to imagine that happening. It would be great if I’m wrong.

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