6 Next-Level Things You Can Do With This Instant Mini Printer

6 Next-Level Things You Can Do With This Instant Mini Printer

This article is sponsored by Fujifilm instax.

In need of a gift for the gamer who has everything? Or maybe you’re just looking for something fun to add to your own collection? Say no more and behold the instax mini Link – Special Edition instant printer.

As you’ve probably guessed, there’s a cheeky little Nintendo tie-in here. This particular bundle comes with a Pikachu case for the actual printer, but you can also get it without the case in a variety of colours. We’ll get into all of this in more detail below.

The instax mini Link is a portable printer you can use to print out pictures of, well, pretty much anything. Gone are the days of needing a camera capable of printing out instant photos, you can now just connect the printer to your smartphone, allowing you to print out pictures from your camera roll.

There’s a lot more you can do with the device, as you’ll soon see.

Print screenshots from your Nintendo Switch

We told you there was more to the Nintendo tie-in. You can actually send screenshots from your Nintendo Switch to your phone and then print them via the instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch smartphone app (available on iOS and Android devices).

The process even allows you to reposition the images before you print them, which is great if you’re really keen on printing out a small portion of a larger image. You can see how it works in the video below.

There are also three different layouts for the app based on classic Nintendo franchises – New Pokémon SnapAnimal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario.

Get Nintendo-themed frames

Whether it’s getting amongst your mates in Animal Crossing or making yourself look like Mario, everyone loves playing around with a good photo frame.

mini Link for Nintendo Switch Frame Print

Add Nintendo-themed frames to your pics and print them out. Hell, add a Mario frame to a picture of Mario for kicks. We won’t judge you.

Match Test

Test your compatibility with a mate or a special someone to see how well you work together. Or, in our case, to see if Mario and Peach are actually compatible.

Using the instax app, you can use a picture with your mate or match test with two separate photos. Either way, you can take a test via the app or let fate decide, which is what we decided to do with the Mushroom Kingdom’s greatest couple and whaddaya know? It turns out they’re great together after all.

Dreams do come true.

Create Multiplayer prints

Party Print mode allows you to connect with up to five friends to create a kind of Frankenstein print, which is sure to be beautiful or terrifying, it could swing either way.

Whatever the outcome, combining the facial features of five different people sounds pretty fun.

If multiplayer pictures weren’t already wild enough for you, why not turn on Surprise Mode? As the name suggests, it’ll keep segments from other contributors a secret, meaning you won’t know how weird the final product will look until it’s finished. Chaos.

Surprise Mode

Hide pictures of yourself around the home

Take it from someone who did this with the instax SQ1 — it’s a helluva time.

Given you can print out selfies you’ve taken on your phone with the instax mini Link, you too could hide images of yourself around the home for your family or friends to stumble upon. Trust me, the resulting conversations are fantastic.

Pretend that the Pikachu case is your friend and that he’s making beautiful art for you and it’s coming out of his head when it prints

This is a normal thing to do and to be fair, I did say next-level. What greater joy is there in life than that of a very small friend who makes wonderful art for you?

Check out more of what you can do with the instax mini Link – Special Edition and Bundle with Pikachu Case here

The instax mini Link printer is also available without the case in a variety of colours — Ash White, Dark Denim and Dusky Pink. Functionality-wise, they’re all the same and are all compatible with both the standard instax mini Link app and the instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch app.

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