A Nearly 20-Year-Old Half-Life Easter Egg Was Just Found

A Nearly 20-Year-Old Half-Life Easter Egg Was Just Found

At the very end of Half-Life: Decay there’s a tiny Easter egg to be found, but only if you change your perspective and pay close attention to a destroyed computer.

This secret was discovered by Half-Life expert and YouTuber, MarphitimusBlackimus. Earlier today, they uploaded a short video demonstrating and explaining the Easter egg.

At the very end of Half-Life: Decay, a co-op expansion to the original game developed by Gearbox Software for the PS2, you normally see the ending from the perspective of Gina. She is one of the two scientists you can play as in the co-op campaign. However, you can, with some modifications, view the last scene of the game from Colette’s perspective. (She’s the other scientist you can play as in Decay.)

If you were to do this, you’d might notice a broken computer in the corner of the room. It’s only on screen for a few seconds, but during that time a series of sparks flash across its surface. While these might appear random, MarphitimusBlackimus investigated them and discovered a tiny secret. If all the spark effects are activated via a map editor, you can find the initials “MA.”

A Nearly 20-Year-Old Half-Life Easter Egg Was Just Found

These are the initials of Matthew Armstrong, a level designer at Gearbox Software. Armstrong would often hide his initials in things he created, included a Team Fortress 2 Classic map.

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This is Easter egg is neat, but it’s not as weird as some other secrets hidden in Half-Life: Decay. For example, there’s a secret that can only be found if the player hits a corpse about 600 times.

Out of all the Half-Life: Decay secrets, my personal favourite was found in 2016 by our old pal, MarphitimusBlackimus. If you shoot a control panel right at the start of a level in Decay, you can get some secret dialogue that never fails to make me giggle a bit.

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