BOTW Fans Find Glitch That Lets You Get Master Sword Early

BOTW Fans Find Glitch That Lets You Get Master Sword Early
Image: Nintendo

It’s been more than four years since Breath of the Wild first graced basically everybody’s Nintendo Switch. You’d think that by this point, if only thanks to sheer numbers, players would have plumbed its every last depth and then some. But you’d be wrong. The latest big discovery? A comically simple means of obtaining the Master Sword.

The Master Sword, Link’s most powerful weapon across nearly every game in the Legend of Zelda series, is not easy to come by in BOTW.

First you have to find it, which involves winding your way through the tricky Lost Woods without getting, well, lost. Then — and this is the real sticking point — you need to bring your total health up to 13 hearts. This takes time and exploration, so even if you find the Master Sword near the beginning of a playthrough, you won’t be able to yank it loose until later.

Or you can just skip all of that. Japanese player Bot_W, credited with the discovery of many other glitches, recently figured out a much quicker way to obtain Link’s vaunted blade, which YouTuber Limcube has handily broken down in a video.

You just need a campfire. That’s it. All you have to do is bring some wood to the Master Sword’s location and light it on fire — which creates a campfire — and stand between the fire and the Master Sword. Then you look up at a cherry blossom tree above your location and use the campfire’s “wait” prompt to pass time until morning. During the transition to morning, mash the A button. The end result of this should be that Link swipes the Master Sword as he wakes from his reverie. This will work whether you have three hearts or thirty.

Limcube can’t believe how easy it is.

“I know! This is a joke, right?” he said in his video. “But it’s actually a thing, and it took us, like, four years to find this.”

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