Cheer Yourself Up Today By Watching Star Wars Kabuki

Cheer Yourself Up Today By Watching Star Wars Kabuki
GIF: YouTube

Things are a bit shit lately. So if you need a bit of an extra distraction today, may I present: an entire Star Wars kabuki show.

Somewhat strangely for them, Disney Japan took the unusual step of livestreaming the entire kabuki performance of Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and the Three Shining Swords, which is basically one hour of kabuki that compresses the entire Skywalker saga. Naturally, not one scrap of it is in English, but you can turn on Google’s automated translate if you want a bit of guidance.

The whole show is pretty enjoyable as a visual and aural spectacle. And in case you’re wondering: yes, the “warrior on the dark side” in this Star Wars timeline is Kairen.

Really, give the below a watch, it’s great.

If only this went on a world tour one day and had the backing of a full orchestra. Can you imagine how good Star Wars kabuki at the Opera House would be?


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