Dr. Mario World Is Being Pronounced Dead In November

Dr. Mario World Is Being Pronounced Dead In November
Image: Nintendo

Dr. Mario World, the mobile game Nintendo launched in 2019 with the help of LINE, will be shut down in November, the company just announced.

In a notice posted to Nintendo’s site, it says support for the game will end on November 1 at 6am UTC. For most games that means it just won’t be supported anymore, but in this case, being a mobile game reliant on external servers, it means the game will actually become entirely unplayable:

If you start up the Dr. Mario World game after the game’s service has ended, an end-of-service notification will be displayed and you will not be able to play the game.

You will be able to look back at your play history in Dr. Mario World Memories, which is a web page that will become available after the game’s service ends.

For the few still playing, Nintendo adds that “Furthermore, diamonds will no longer be available for purchase from July 28, 2021″, which is…today.

It’s weird how games can just disappear like this, even if the whole reason it’s being shut down is (likely) because nobody is playing it anymore. Like, a couple of weeks back my son wanted to play Minecraft Earth, something he’d been dabbling with pretty often, only to find that it too had been killed off in June, and now wasn’t even playable.

I tried to explain what had happened to the game to him and he just…didn’t understand how a game can be there, but not be there.


  • Well here’s something we weren’t expecting Luke Dr. Mario World will be shut down in November and after that you won’t be able to play the game again.
    Well to point this out Luke number one I don’t play Dr. Mario World anymore it’s just too boring for me.
    Number two: Nintendo have already closed down Miitopia for mobile Miiverse and the Wii Shop Channel back in January 2019 after 12 years.
    And finally number 3 why can’t Nintendo just shut down other mobile games like Super Mario Run or MarioKart Tour how about they do that instead of shutting down Dr. Mario World for christ’s sake?
    Either way as I said I don’t play Dr. Mario World anymore it’s just too boring for me and every time I’m out of moves I have to purchase diamonds to keep going but of course diamonds as Nintendo said are no longer available for purchase.
    But with Dr. Mario World shutting down in November I guess that means goodbye Dr. Mario and his team for their hard work on eliminating viruses to help keep the Mushroom Kingdom safe.

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