Elgato Picked A Very Bad Day To Announce A New ‘Stream Deck’

Elgato Picked A Very Bad Day To Announce A New ‘Stream Deck’
Image: Elgato

Awww, guys. Oh no.

A huge part of launching/announcing a new product is getting the timing right. You want all eyes on you! Marketing teams and sales people work around the clock to make sure new products and services aren’t launching alongside competition, and don’t have anything else pencilled in on the calendar to steal their limelight. It’s why companies are always scanning the clock to find the perfect time to get their new thing out there, so they can maximise potential awareness and sales.

So I just want to put my arm around Elgato today, then, for choosing July 15 of all days to release a new Stream Deck, on the exact same day all the headlines were taken up by the surprise unveiling of Valve’s Steam Deck, something that sounded almost identical but also way cooler, and which took up so much of the headlines today.

The Steam Deck is a portable PC, but you knew that already. Elgato’s Stream Deck MK.2 isn’t actually the first Stream Deck product, but it’s the newest and supposedly best in a line of devices that streamers can use to streamline their actions, assigning complex tasks (like turning a light on and setting a mic volume at the same time) to a single button.

If you don’t stream or can’t envisage why you would need that, here’s how it works:

It’s not a competitor to the Steam Deck, and being a new product in a successful line is in no danger of being harmed in the long term by Valve’s release. I just find it deeply hilarious that a company can plan a new product announcement and then get gazzumped by something that sounds so similar on the exact same day.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of, so anyone at Elgato who had to handle this launch today, my heart goes out to you.


  • There was a company called Osama that launched in Italy in late August 2000. Store opening, website, the whole works. It sold either clothing or perfume, or something along those lines.

    You cant find any reference to it now because of events just 2 weeks later. Now THATS unlucky timing.

  • Well given both exist in similar technological spaces (albeit with different primary reasons) so perhaps they have a case for trademark infringement? It is one letter apart, and people may get confused.

    • I wonder if you will be able to use a Stream Deck to stream Steam games being played on a Steam Deck…

      Thats not confusing at all.

  • The interesting thing is since google loves to auto correct your searches this is actually a win for Elgato since a search for Steam Deck almost always auto corrects to stream deck and you get hits for the Stream Deck… so if anything Elgato got a lot of free advertising with google inadvertently showing Stream Deck for ppl looking up Steam’s handheld xD

  • Well I googled “steam deck” straight after reading a kotaku article and saw this thing that I’d never heard of or would have looked for so I’d say they got a heap of free advertising today and it was actually a great decision.

    • yeah, most people would never use a stream deck, and it doesn’t hurt valve either since steam deck still shows up first. Really if anything it may help Linux get driver support from these types of devices since that is often left out.

  • I discovered touch-portal, not a bad alternative if you want to save yourself some money and have a wireless option (I hate wires).

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