Fall Guys’ Latest Costume Is Very Suspicious

Fall Guys’ Latest Costume Is Very Suspicious

Today, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic announced on Twitter that it will add a second Among Us themed costume.

The costume is eggplant themed (as in the actual vegetable and not the shorthand for what the eggplant emoji has come to mean on social media). It features a purple upper and lower half with the iconic Among Us visor and a sprout poking out of the head.

This is the second Among Us costume players can bedeck their bean in. The first was an epic-tier egg costume also released during season four. Like the egg costume, the eggplant will feature an alternate version that will occasionally show the costume with a cracked visor and gnashing teeth to signify a murderous imposter.

Fall Guys is a battle royale-style game in which up to 60 players compete in a series of rounds to be the last bean standing. Players race through hazardous obstacle courses or compete in team based objectives with each round whittling down the number of players. For the final map, only one player can win, earning them a crown that they can use to purchase cosmetics like colour shaders and costumes.

Fall Guys is quickly approaching Fortnite levels of crossover content. Earlier this month, the game released a special “2Bean” costume in celebration of Nier: Automata, and throughout Fall Guys’ 10 months of life, the game has offered various other crossover costumes like Alyx from Half Life: Alyx, the Doomguy, and Cuphead.

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Fall Guys is currently in its fourth competitive season, which introduced new space-themed maps like Skyline Stumble and Hoverboard Heroes. Season four started March 22 and will last until the end of July. The eggplant costume is set to be released on Friday, July 2.

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