Galactus, Hasbro’s Largest Marvel Legends Figure Yet, Costs 500 Bucks

Galactus, Hasbro’s Largest Marvel Legends Figure Yet, Costs 500 Bucks

Rumblings of Marvel mega-villain Galactus eventually showing up in the Marvel cinematic universe are almost as loud as the rumblings of the world-devourer’s little tum-tum when he sets his sights on Earth. While fans fantasise about his big screen debut, Hasbro has unveiled the ultimate Galactus action figure. Marvel Legends Galactus stands nearly three feet tall and costs a cosmic-sized $US400 ($539).

Marvel Legends Galactus is the latest project from Hasbro’s Haslab, where the toy maker develops toys it could never sell at retail via fan funding. It’s the same program that brought us the $US575 ($775) Transformers Unicron figure, which robot fans around the world are having trouble finding the shelf space for as we speak. Basically, Hasbro presents us with over-the-top toys at exorbitant prices, sets a funding goal, and once enough toy collectors sign up, the toys go into production. That way the toys wind up in the hands of folks with enough spare change to drop $US400 ($539) on a big plastic doll, and none of the toys wind up warming toy store shelves.

There aren’t many characters in the Marvel universe larger than Galactus. At his most modest, he stands around 9.14 m tall, dwarfing the heroes who’ve battled him since his debut in Fantastic Four #48 back in 1966. He’s an ancient cosmic being with a hunger for entire worlds, and he possesses the ability to adjust his size based on the planet he wants to munch on. What I am saying is that smaller action figures just won’t do. We need a magnificent plastic beast that towers over the likes of six-inch Reed Richards.

No no, Galactus. YOU step on HIM.  (Photo: Hasbro)
No no, Galactus. YOU step on HIM. (Photo: Hasbro)

Yeah, that’ll do nicely.

Marvel Legends Galactus isn’t just a massive solid piece of plastic. He’s made up of more than 300 pieces, assembled into an enormous berry-flavored giant with all sorts of light-up electronic features.

Over half the size of my spouse.  (Photo: Hasbro)
Over half the size of my spouse. (Photo: Hasbro)

When you make an action figure of this scale, there are some important features to include. The figure needs to be covered from head to toe in little details to impart the illusion of size. Check out the ribbing and armour accents on Galactus’ outfit. Behold the glowing blue orbs embedded in his helmet. Is that Iron Man’s arc reactor in his chest? No, of course not, that would be dumb, but it is some sort of cool, unknowable tech thing we probably shouldn’t question.

Another important feature for a giant action figure is the ability to grasp smaller ones. Those 70 points of articulation? Each of Galactus’ hands sports 20 of them. He can grab Reed Richards. Hell, he could grab your cat. Don’t worry, he only eats worlds.

Big hands, I know you're the one? (Photo: Hasbro)
Big hands, I know you’re the one? (Photo: Hasbro)

As for accessories, Galactus comes with three swappable faceplates, two for changing his expression and one for scaring the children.

As if he weren't intimidating enough.  (Photo: Hasbro)
As if he weren’t intimidating enough. (Photo: Hasbro)

Hasbro is looking for 14,000 fans to back this project within 45 days. The project launched today, and it already has over 3,000 backers. Should that goal be met, Hasbro has stretch awards waiting in the wings, hopefully including some of Galactus’ heralds like the Silver Surfer or Nova.

As much as I hunger for Galactus, I won’t be backing the project. There’s just no room in my collection for a 32-inch piece of sculpted plastic. But damn if it isn’t a gorgeous 32-inch piece of sculpted plastic. I’ll just live vicariously through the folks who do when they’re struggling to find a place to put him come spring of 2022.

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