Guilty Gear Strive’s First DLC Character Is The U.S. Secretary Of Defence

Guilty Gear Strive’s First DLC Character Is The U.S. Secretary Of Defence
Screenshot: Arc System Works

Guilty Gear Strive introduced two new characters to the fighting game’s canon when it launched last month, but both are pretty tame compared to the first post-release fighter, a man whose fighting style revolves almost entirely around using an alien coffin procured from Area 51.

Goldlewis Dickinson isn’t new to avid Guilty Gear fans. He previously played a role in the Strive story mode as American president Colin Vernon’s right-hand man and secretary of defence, and might have even appeared in the previous game as a background character lovingly known as the Burger Sheriff thanks to his, well, infinite bag of burgers.

Now, he’s joining the fray. Guilty Gear Strive’s official website expands on his background, saying that Goldlewis is the only secretary of defence in the history of the United States to simultaneously serve as an active-duty military officer. He’s also stronger than the entire White House security force, apparently, which explains why he’s almost always within a few feet of the president.

“With his excellent judgment and ability to lead based on his extensive combat experience, he has garnered immense popularity and earned the trust of those around him,” the website’s description continues. “[I]t is no exaggeration to say that the security and authority of the United States are established due to his presence, making him the mainstay of the nation.”

What that very impressive biography leaves out, however, is that Goldlewis carries around a giant coffin emblazoned with warnings about its extra-terrestrial inhabitant from Area 51. It’s unclear if the being within his transforming weapon is an alien or a cryptid with more Earth-based origins, but it certainly appears to have a close bond with Goldlewis in battle. At one point it pops an ethereal arm outside the coffin to hold up a mirror as Goldlewis fixes his pompadour hairdo, which is just delightful.

We’re sure to learn more about this enigmatic figure when Goldlewis Dickinson is added to Guilty Gear Strive next week (July 27 for season pass subscribers and July 30 for everyone else). I personally can’t wait to see this alien-toting weirdo in action on the competitive circuit.


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