Here’s An Incredible Side-By-Side Comparison Of 1984’s Dune To The 2021 Film

Here’s An Incredible Side-By-Side Comparison Of 1984’s Dune To The 2021 Film
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It’s been literal decades since Dune hit the big screen, and film technology has naturally come a long way.

What’s super fascinating about Denis Villeneuve’s vision of Dune is how it reinterprets scenes, characters and sets from David Lynch’s original vision. There’s obviously a difference in time and budget that are slightly unfair. But there’s nothing wrong with comparing the artistic license and choices taken between the upcoming release and Lynch’s original 1984 release.

And while you can load up videos of the original against the trailer, Cinepolls has put together the perfect side-by-side comparison. Released on Instagram and viewable below, it compares scenes from Lynch’s 1984 film to their compatriots 37 years later.

The CG has obviously come a long way. But you can see some of the thought process in how scenes like the famous Gom Jabbar test — where Paul Atreides is forced to put his hand into a box laced with meta-cyanide — are shot. The Bene Gesserit lady’s face is now completely covered; the whole scene is much more foreboding, with a lot less lighting and fewer warm colours.

It’s a movie that seems like it’s definitely made for HDR. Even the shots out in the sand, before the sandworm appears, are more muted and a lot less vibrant.

Dune: Part One is currently scheduled for release in Australia from September 16, although the movie will screen two weeks prior in Italy at the Venice Film Festival. For whatever reason, Australians — the pandemic willing — are getting Dune well ahead of many major international compatriots. New Zealanders won’t be able to see Dune until sometime in October, while those in the US and Canada won’t see Dune until October 22.


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