Jackie Chan Fighting Game Is As Wild As You’d Expect

Jackie Chan Fighting Game Is As Wild As You’d Expect
Gif: Kaneko / Kotaku

Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire: Jackie Chan Densetsu, released in 1995 by the now-defunct Japanese studio Kaneko, has long enjoyed a small-yet-passionate scene of competitive players, and the offbeat fighting game only continues to get more wild as it’s picked apart by devotees.

Case in point: Yeung. Based on a Chinese actor of the same name, this female fighter is unique among the Fists of Fire cast in that every character in the game can trap her in a combo indefinitely. Infinite combos, as the competitive community refers to these boundless attack strings, are a common sight in fighting games, but it’s rare for a single character to be as singled out as Yeung is in Fists of Fire.

It all comes down to weight. A bug makes Yeung so light that OTG attacks (i.e. attacks that lift characters off the ground after they’ve been knocked prone) bounce her high enough to allow for every character in Fists of Fire to perform infinitely looped combos. And yes, I mean every character. Hyper Jackie, one of the game’s three versions of Jackie Chan, was just recently made legal in tournament play, and Fists of Fire scientist Spabobin wasted no time finding his Yeung infinite (as shown in the video above).

While Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire may seem weird and janky to non-fighting game players, genre enthusiasts live for this kind of silliness. Sure, you’re never going to see Fists of Fire on the Evo main stage, but that doesn’t make it any less important than Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. And that’s just one of the reasons why the fighting game community is so great: No matter how obscure your favourite game, there’s sure to be at least one other person already invested in it.

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