LG’s OLED TVs Are Getting Full Dolby Vision Support This Month

LG’s OLED TVs Are Getting Full Dolby Vision Support This Month

Xbox has made a big song and dance about gaming with Dolby Vision, but it’s all for nought without proper support on the TV side. And later this month, LG is fixing that.

In an email to press this week, LG’s local has announced that Australians will be able to received a new firmware update that adds support for Dolby Vision HDR gaming at 4K/120Hz on “certain gaming platforms”. (That means just Xbox for now, since Dolby Vision isn’t supported on PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch doesn’t even support HDR or 4K.)

Titled 03.15.27, the update will first come to LG’s C1, G1, OLED Z1 and the recently announced QNED Mini-LED QNED99 TVs.

“Additional 2021 and 2020 TV models are also being tested for Dolby Vision gaming in either 60Hz or 120Hz,” LG added.

As part of the update, all the TVs will receive a new Game Dashboard. It’s effectively a hotbar that appears at the lower part of the screen, showing whether G-Sync or variable refresh rate is enabled, the status of features like low latency or black stabiliser, and letting users quickly toggle between image presets for different games. The dashboard is already a part on some LG 2021 TVs, so this will be a boost for owners of LG 2020 models that receive the update.

lg oled
A mockup of what the LG gaming dashboard looks like. Image: LG

LG hasn’t advised precisely when the firmware update will become available locally, but as with previous updates it should be made available through the TV’s settings. Once we know the new firmware is officially live, I’ll update this post to let everybody know.

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