Margot Robbie Puts Her Body Through Hell And Likes It

Margot Robbie Puts Her Body Through Hell And Likes It
Contributor: Valerie Complex

Margot Robbie takes pride in doing her own stunts. However, action films put her body through hell.

In an interview with British Vogue, the star makes it clear she’s fighting for women’s equality in the action genre. Robbie also discusses the changes that’s happened to her body while working on various Hollywood projects.

While working on the set of 2019 Bombshell, Robbie experienced some anxiety, but with both Suicide Squad films and Birds of Prey, her body had a much more dramatic reaction to her environment.

“There are explosions and guns firing. And even though they’re blanks, your body starts reacting as if it’s real, your adrenaline’s through the roof.” It’s even affected her sleep,“because, well, my body thinks it’s just been in a war zone.”

Despite the challenges, Robbie says, “those scenes, where everything’s exploding around you, and you make it just in time are “really, really fun.” She’s in love with stunt work and the action genre and wants to create a space that more women can occupy in action cinema.

“From a business or statistical standpoint, those are the high-paying jobs. So I really want to advocate for women writing big blockbuster action films,” said the actress. “And then also, the perception that women aren’t interested in action is ridiculous.”


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