Meet Food4Dogs, An Elderly Lady From New Zealand Who Loves The PlayStation Vita And Unboxing Games

Meet Food4Dogs, An Elderly Lady From New Zealand Who Loves The PlayStation Vita And Unboxing Games

Despite her user name, Food4Dogs is a YouTuber who creates videos that have nothing to do with either selling kibble or coming up with sweet new album names for black metal bands. Instead, she’s an elderly woman from New Zealand who spends her time making video game unboxing videos online.

One of those videos, posted on June 13, gives a good overview of what Food4Dogs is all about. Gentle background music plays as we’re told that the stack of video games about to be unwrapped are meant to brighten up “the darkest winter days here in New Zealand.” Food4Dogs works her way through a bunch of her latest PlayStation and Nintendo Switch purchases, setting each case on her distinctly grandma-style tablecloth in order to talk a bit about the quality of the game’s printing and when she plans to play it.

When looking at World’s End Club, Food4Dogs says she appreciates the lengthy soundtrack sampler, thinks the booklet’s pages are a bit too small to properly show off the concept art, and is “looking forward” to playing the game itself. She also isn’t big on horror, but had to buy Silent Hill: Homecoming to keep working on her collection of the series. (Food4Dogs is a big fan of the Atelier role-playing games, especially the entries released for her favourite console, the underappreciated PlayStation Vita handheld.)

Most of her videos follow suit, retaining the same calm enthusiasm. Regardless of whether Food4Dogs is putting out new installments in her playthrough of, say, Hakuoki: Stories Of The Shinsengumi or discussing her thoughts about Sony’s business decisions and giving anime-tinged life advice, she’s always very relaxing to listen to.

“If you feel like chilling out a bit from the rat race, or just want to see what I’m playing, you’re most welcome here at my place,” her channel description states. “Pets are welcome too. It’s cosy, it’s hygge, it’s gemütlich — it’s Food4Dogs.”

And, if you’re still wondering why she goes by Food4Dogs: In a video where she tells the “very mundane story” of how she got the name — with help from a little pink video game plushie, of course — we learn that she used to be really into “canine nutrition” and just kept the same channel she made when looking into starting a dog food business.

If nothing else, the name helps her stick out from the rest of the competition.

[via Garbage Day]