Nasty YouTube Death Threat Hoax Has A Happy Ending

Nasty YouTube Death Threat Hoax Has A Happy Ending
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It’s a sad truth of living on the internet that there’s usually someone out there more than happy to make your life a living hell. As public-facing figures, the couple behind popular YouTube gaming channel Girlfriend Reviews know this all too well, but they recently endured intimidation of a different sort when a harasser sent fake death threats to himself and blamed the YouTubers.

In their latest video, Girlfriend Reviews duo Matt and Shelby stepped in front of the camera to directly address the situation and explain their weeks-long investigation into the harasser’s false claims. They uncovered a misinformation campaign that, while built on a foundation of sand, managed to weaponize a fringe gaming community hellbent on hating them and further exacerbate the horrors that often come with having a presence on the internet.

Inventing harassment

It all started, as these things so often do, with a tweet. After a year of negative attention from subreddit r/TheLastOfUs2 — we’ll get to them a little later — Shelby tweeted some of the frankly unhinged posts made about her and her partner on July 9 alongside a snarky message, as you do. The author of one of those posts, a user named TheRealRogerEbert, then created a follow-up topic claiming the tweet had triggered a torrent of incoming harassment from fans of the YouTube channel.

TheRealRogerEbert’s second Reddit post, which included several screencaps of hateful messages he claimed to have received, skyrocketed in popularity. Here was proof, at least in the minds of the Redditors who already hated Girlfriend Reviews, that the YouTube duo were the true monsters in this asymmetrically contentious relationship. But Matt and Shelby quickly noticed odd discrepancies in the “harassment” supposedly being sent to TheRealRogerEbert.

“Like most YouTubers, we get hateful comments on a regular basis, and it’s a sad day when you realise the internet is so full of hate that it doesn’t phase you anymore,” Girlfriend Reviews told Kotaku via email. “What made this feel important enough to be addressed was the seriousness of the accusations, the popularity of the post, and the large number of users who appeared to believe this man’s claims without question, while also expressing a lot of anger towards us and wishing us harm.”

“A rude YouTube comment is white noise,” they continued. “An online community who already dislikes you organising a brigade on your Twitter to instigate conflict with your fans will set off alarm bells. Not to mention this was one of the highest upvoted Reddit posts about us in a while. Who would want that post and those comments to pop up when their name is searched on Google? No one.”

“Evidence” TheRealRogerEbert posted to demonstrate his supposed harassment at the hands of Girlfriend Reviews fans showed obvious inconsistencies and logical errors.

For example, Matt and Shelby doubted members of their fanbase would call someone a “retard,” as one of the messages did, let alone do so while also claiming the recipient was transphobic for disliking The Last of Us Part II. TheRealRogerEbert’s screencaps of the supposed harassment also showed threats about a “golfclub to the head,” which is a meme phrase commonly used by r/TheLastOfUs2 in reference to series protagonist Joel Miller’s fate in the sequel. Something wasn’t adding up.

As detailed in the video above, Girlfriend Reviews followed a trail of breadcrumbs and soon felt confident TheRealRogerEbert was sending the harassing messages to himself. He eventually emailed them from his personal account asking for “help” in corralling their “fans,” and Matt and Shelby were outwardly cooperative despite their suspicions.

But when TheRealRogerEbert refused to send them uncensored screenshots of the harassing messages, and even threatened to bring his local authorities into the mix, the couple had had enough. Girlfriend Reviews let TheRealRogerEbert know they were on to him, and then watched in real time, bemused, as the hoaxer systematically deleted his Reddit sockpuppet accounts, his main account, and even the email he’d been communicating with them on.

Needless to say, this cleared up any possible lingering doubts about where the “harassment” was coming from.

How dare you like a video game

Matt and Shelby have been publishing gaming videos as Girlfriend Reviews for almost three years. What started with a satirical critique of Red Dead Redemption II from the point of view of a girlfriend whose boyfriend was obsessed with the open-world cowboy simulator eventually spawned a hugely popular source of video game reviews and analysis on YouTube.

“Their signature series taps into gaming as a spectator sport, with Shelby providing snarky commentary of her time sitting through her boyfriend’s varied gaming sessions,” the duo’s official website reads. “Far from the stereotype, Girlfriend Reviews subverts the trope of the disinterested or annoyed girlfriend with reviews and commentary filled with love and passion for games and gaming.”

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Shelby’s mere presence was enough to throw grown men into hysterics. It also shouldn’t be all that surprising that this harassment became very pointed when Girlfriend Reviews published two positive-leaning The Last of Us Part II videos last summer. For over a year, these uploads have earned Matt and Shelby rent-free real estate in the minds of a bitter subreddit known as r/TheLastOfUs2, whose users took the videos as a personal attack. The community has since followed the channel’s every move, a one-sided vendetta often paired with attacks that go uncontested by the subreddit’s moderation staff.

While its title may imply otherwise, the r/TheLastOfUs2 subreddit is dedicated to hating its namesake. But the members of this community rarely stop there. It’s not enough for them to dislike The Last of Us Part II, they also criticise it from an “anti-SJW” perspective, espousing the belief that Naughty Dog killed off Joel as the main character and introduced more diversity in the sequel to kowtow to a mythical “woke” mob. Anyone who enjoys The Last of Us Part II and doesn’t adhere to this misguided perspective (i.e. Girlfriend Reviews) becomes fair game for the subreddit’s ire.

A silver lining

Matt and Shelby have been in contact with both Reddit proper and the moderators of r/TheLastOfUs2 since the publishing of their investigative video over the weekend. But little progress has been made on setting the record straight. Reddit has only responded with a series of automated messages, and the r/TheLastOfUs2 mods, while initially cooperative, refuse to outright disavow the false claims against Girlfriend Reviews or take responsibility for the hateful environment they’ve fomented.

“After our video, we feel they tripled down by once again making stickied posts and statements that try to somehow cast us as the villains,” Girlfriend Reviews said. “They continue to twist our words, or just flat-out lie to their members in a pretty poor effort to play the victim. They made the sub private, scrubbed it clean, then opened it back up and said, ‘See for yourself!’ Some of those mods deleted their own comments, one of them deleted their entire account, and the creator of the sub just abandoned it altogether.”

“That means, you guessed it, we’ve been receiving more hate and harassment,” they added. “But this time, we’re sleeping easy because the truth is out there. We just want the mods to say, ‘Hey, guys, Girlfriend Reviews didn’t do this. Sorry we allowed that post and lied to everyone.’ It would also be nice if they stopped equating what they are going through (as a result of the things they did and said in public) with what they’ve put us through. It’s victim blaming, and it’s not ok.”

The internet is a wonderful, heinous place. While it’s great to be able to connect with folks from all over the world, that connection also enables multitudinous avenues of harassment. Your online reputation, especially as a public-facing content creator, is often determined by just one or two moments that get spun out into a whole alternate reality fabricated by people who don’t even know you. And this isn’t just confined to communities like r/TheLastOfUs2. Even online destinations promoted as bastions of good-faith discussion, like ResetEra, get in on the action, as Girlfriend Reviews themselves can sadly attest.

It’s very easy to lose track of a person’s humanity in the red mist of internet bloodsports. And as someone on the receiving end of harassment, the positive interactions that can accompany the bad often fall by the wayside in the cacophony of bullshit. Fortunately, Matt and Shelby managed to turn this whole ordeal into a positive by organising a donation drive for no-kill animal shelters. As of this writing, they’ve raised nearly $US28,000 ($38,032), blowing past their modest $US6,000 ($8,150) goal.

“The last two weeks were miserable,” Girlfriend Reviews told Kotaku, “then our video dropped, our charity goal was smashed, and we’ve been all smiles ever since. It was a much-needed wake-up call that most people on the web are empathetic and loving. That when something bad is happening to you, there are lots of people who will want to help. Even strangers. Mister Rogers’ mum always told him to ‘look for the helpers,’ and we’ve got a long list of them on our donation page.”


  • Its the month for hoaxes of people being attacked by non-existent people it seems, with the female university professor found guilty of mailing herself and coworkers threatening letters, cut up underwear and the like.

  • A bloody spoiler warning would have been nice.

    I know I’m late, but without a PS4 I’m holding out hope the games might make it to PC and after months of successfully avoiding spoilers I’m pretty damn annoyed this was how it got spoiled for me.

    • Ugh, I feel for you.
      Kotaku US has screwed me several times, twice for major spoilers.

      Seriously bad for film and TV, they get the show/film before us and the next day the headlines like:

      “Bruce Willis is a Ghost”
      *spoilers ahead*

      • Haha, yeah, I’ve seen a few, this is the first time I was spoiled for something I was interested in.

        It won’t ruin the game for me, I had The Sixth Sense spoiled for me long before I saw it and still enjoyed it, but I am a bit bummed out.

  • How hard would it have been to add a spoiler warning ffs. Late to the party and all that, but still…super fkn annoying.

  • I dont know, the post on that subreddit yesterday doesnt look like it was a happy ending. What those pathetic people doing there is frankly scary and i have no idea why that subreddit should even still exist.

    These two people have done nothing but bring joy to the world over the last few years, nothing they said in their review should have created this situation. But how do you fight such sad people so desperate for some form of power in their life they have to create such drama? Damn incels need to get a life.

  • The same dudes who think the PC Police Woke Mob Cultural Marxist Feminazis are controlling language and opinions will harass and swarm you if you dare say you like The Last of Us 2 or The Last Jedi or anything they have declared war on. Nobody polices speech and opinions more than them.

    I’ve had multiple debates end up with the other guy declaring that the quality of writing can be measured objectively and that I am simply wrong for liking something. When did all these bros become such critics in writing anyway? Seems like it’s just a red herring to distract from all the racism and misogyny.

    • You can love Last of Us 2… Personally I think the game was a write-off from both a story and gameplay perspective. I really don’t think it was much to do with ‘woke’ whatever though as much as poor execution, and on the wider reception front incorrect expectations were absolutely set by what basically equates to deceptive marketing.

      However, I’m all for people finding enjoyment wherever they can as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. Liking Last of Us 2 hurts nobody, regardless of the bullshit some may claim.

      But this…
      // Seems like it’s just a red herring to distract from all the racism and misogyny. //
      Just stop. That has been abused to high hell to label and discredit basically anyone and everyone who dares say they disliked the game.

      The notion of, “Oh they must be racist/misogynist if they don’t like it…” is no better than the things you accuse those on other side of this coin of doing. And I’d go so far as to say you all deserve each other if that’s how you want to argue it.

      It’s also straight bullshit essentially arguing you’re allowed to like something, while arguing others can’t dislike it… Because if they do they’re awful human beings and that is the only possible reason they’d dislike a game.

      • I don’t disagree but the last time I visited that subreddit it was bloody awful lol.
        Just backed right out and looked for the answer elsewhere.

        It’s not just this subject either, we’re all guilty of getting caught up in the two sides only nonsense.

      • the level of maturity, and lack of intelligence and high level mysogny of that subreddit completely proves you wrong. YES there are people who clearly have good reasons for not liking the game, people capable of stringing a few sentences together without resorting to hyperbole (even your view of it borders on that EG its not good enough for you to say you don’t like it, but the problem can’t possibly lie with your tastes just not aligning with theirs, it is THEIR fault, they failed you) but that subreddit is full of utter trash people desperately trying to compensate for something. So much sexism on show is it frankly embracing someone is trying to defend them. Some people make a career out trading off such anti-social stances. Using sexism and racism desperately trying to seem edgy on a subreddit.

        • “the level of maturity, and lack of intelligence and high level mysogny of that subreddit completely proves you wrong.”

          It actually doesn’t prove him wrong. If you look at the paragraph he quoted from, it had zero to do with the subreddit in question and more to do with general “bros becoming such critics in writing” , unless it was a very poorly worded paragraph.

        • In the event you’re implying I’m defending them, then I’m outright telling you to learn to read.

          nuffman nailed what I was talking about.

          Every time topics like this come up this sort of tactic gets dragged out like some sort of gotcha. Because some just want to label those they dislike or disagree with them as racist/misogynist/whatever and go, “See how evil they are?! That means I’m right even though I’ve added precisely nothing but these accusations to the conversation!”

          Also… If you dislike something be it a movie, game, whatever, then the creators HAVE failed to please your tastes. Quite literally. You can’t just redefine the fundamental function of a word just because it suits this weird ‘They didn’t fail you…’ bit, when they just did.

          No maybe, no grey area. I disliked it, so they have failed me. Difference is I don’t think they were evil or some shit for it.

      • Everybody likes and dislikes things. Sometimes, somebody likes o dislikes something so much that they post on the internet about it. They may even get into a debate or two or even a pointlessly hostile argument. Then they carry on with their day.

        Haven’t you noticed, though, about the properties that get so very much hatred that entire, persistent, ever-growing communities form around that hatred (and actually /acting/ on that hatred)? And how more often than not those properties are those that are singled for “daring” to “ruin” a previously beloved property with “wokeness” (i.e. putting a woman and/or a PoC/LGTBQ in a position of relevance)?

        I know that you very much want to be able to say “I don’t like TLoU2 and it’s not because its increased diversity” and that’s fair; I’m willing to believe you. But to pretend that a very vocal subset of the internet doesn’t hate it (or TLJ or America Chavez, or a long list of etcs) precisely because of it is to try to hide the sun with your hands just so it won’t shine on you.

        • // I know that you very much want to be able to say “I don’t like TLoU2 and it’s not because its increased diversity” and that’s fair //
          I just really hate the “You must hate it because you’re Xist.” mentality applied so fucking broadly, and so goddamn often.

          All the while at the same time one can’t defend themselves along the lines of say, “But I love these other games that have female characters in them…” because people see that sort of thing as a kind of ‘I have black friends so its okay’ argument and there is just no winning. Even Kotaku itself recently (and disgustingly as far as I’m concerned) demonstrated precisely that sort of mentality in one of their own fuckin’ articles.

          • As I said, I understand that but I believe your indignation is a bit misguided. You shouldn’t be raging so hard at the people condemning the bigots (and sometimes, unfairly catching you and others in blanket generalizations) but at the extremely loud bigots who create the impression that “it’s all about the bigotry”. If you disagree with their bigotry (even if you agree with them in disliking a given property) you are more on our side than on theirs.

            Honestly, the best you can do is explain yourself clearly and if there’s someone who still wants to believe you are one of the bigots, well, it’s on them. I myself try to only judge people by what they say or do but I may fail some times.

  • There’s a stickied response on r/TheLastOfUs2 as of 6 hours ago (4 hours after this article was published) admitting the hoax but denying everything else.

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