New Dead Space Remake Will Be Next-Gen Only

New Dead Space Remake Will Be Next-Gen Only
Screenshot: EA / YouTube

This is not a drill: Dead Space is no longer dead in space. EA’s famous sci-fi horror series is getting resurrected, kind of. The new game will indeed be a total remake of the first game, as recent rumours have suggested. EA announced the news at its EA Play showcase today. It’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Here’s the first trailer:

A revival of the long-dead Dead Space franchise, spearheaded by EA Motive, has been in the works for some time, according to reports on Eurogamer and Gematsu. Earlier this year, GamesBeat reported that a totally new entry wouldn’t happen, shelved in favour of a remake.

Dead Space, developed by Visceral Games, came out in 2008. A sequel followed in 2011. The first two games were genuinely tense, terrifying horror games, and were well received as a result. A third game, Dead Space 3, shirked its bone-chilling roots in favour of a more action-oriented premise, even including cooperative play. It was fun. It also wasn’t exactly “Dead Space,” at least to those who loved the first two and wanted the series to hew to then-established tradition.

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In 2017, four years after Dead Space 3 came out, EA shut down Visceral (which was then working on an apparently ambitious Star Wars game). Visceral’s former VP, Glen Schofield, is currently heading up a studio developing a new survival horror game. That’s called The Callisto Protocol, and it’s set in…the PUBG universe. Yeah, sure, why not?

A Dead Space remake isn’t all that surprising, and is fairly in line with EA’s new strategy of Capitalising On Nostalgia. Earlier this year, EA released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a bundled package that included remastered versions of BioWare’s popular sci-fi series. The long-dormant Skate series is eventually coming back, too. If the mega-publisher keeps this up, hey, maybe we’ll get a remake of, or even a proper sequel to, Insomniac’s underappreciated Fuse? Wait, no, where are you going!


  • I see that frostbite logo there at the end, though EA motive is working on it so hopefully wont be too much of an issue.

  • It’s a good thing I don’t need a trailer to get excited about a new Dead Space, because that one definitely wouldn’t have done it for me.

  • I’m hoping that they’ll either include all the DLC outfits in this, or that if they monetise anything (because EA) that it’ll be DLC outfits/weapon packs from before. I wanna rock the Unitologist Rig again.

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