If You Could Only Pick One, What Game Would You Play For The Rest Of Time?

If You Could Only Pick One, What Game Would You Play For The Rest Of Time?

Ahh, video games! We have a seemingly endless supply of them, something for everyone. But what if you could only play one? One single game for the rest of eternity, and all others cease to exist. What would you play?

This might be your all-time favourite game, but I don’t believe the two are necessarily mutually exclusive.

For example, one of my all-time favourite games is World of Warcraft, but despite being a massive, open world MMORPG, I wouldn’t pick this to be my only game.

Personally, I think picking something like WoW or The Sims is a bit of a cop-out answer when it comes to this question (sorry in advance to the dozens of people who chose this) because you’re simply opting for the game with the most diverse gameplay.

But after months of suffering from some pretty serious video game burnout, a game with seemingly endless possibilities and quests isn’t my idea of a fun time.

If all other video games ceased to exist, the one game I would happily play for the rest of eternity is, without a doubt, The Sims 2 DS.

I challenged myself to pick just one game in an attempt to reignite my passion for gaming after what feels like months of feeling drained and burnt out by gaming. So naturally, I wanted to find out what everyone else’s one game would be.


I put a callout on my Twitter and Instagram, as well as within our work Slack channel and was promptly overwhelmed with answers, so for brevity, this is not an exhaustive list.

Perhaps this list will inspire you to try a new game, or maybe it’ll remind you of a title you haven’t played in years. Or perhaps you just want to be nosy and read about other peoples games of choice.

The most popular answer was The Sims, followed closely by titles like Breath Of The Wild and World of Warcraft, which is hardly surprising.

ace attorney
Image: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Other top picks included Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Final Fantasy – again, not surprising when you consider the popularity of these titles overall.

But then we get to the really niche stuff – the interesting picks.

Age Of Empires – the Nutrigrain box one.” – Georgia

“Tetris.” – Chantelle

“This is going to sound lame but … Frogger on Atari. It got me through a serious hospital stay when I was 5. The simplicity of a joystick and a red button never gets old, if you ask me.” – Mel

“Bratz The Movie, the video game.” – Saskia

If you could only play one game for the rest of time, what would it be and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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