There Has Never Been A Better Time For Sony To Revive PlayStation Home

There Has Never Been A Better Time For Sony To Revive PlayStation Home
Image: Sony

Sony has renewed the trademark for PlayStation Home for the second time this year, seemingly confirming that the defunct PS3 social service could be making a PS5 comeback.

To jog your memory, PlayStation Home was an online social space for PS3 owners – similar to VRChat – that launched in 2008 before being shut down in March 2015. But now, six years later, it appears Sony is trying to revive the service – or at least its name.

According to an eagle-eyed Redditor who has been keeping close tabs on the whole PlayStation Home situation for the past few months, Sony filed a new trademark on July 21, 2021. As per the trademark filing, Sony has secured the European trademark until October 1, 2028 for “computer game software”.

Interestingly, the trademark also involves London Studio and its Soho Engine, the developer of the OG software.

playstation home
Image: u/Thorites – Reddit

Sony is yet to actually confirm exactly what they’re planning on doing with PlayStation Home. And honestly, there’s every chance that this trademark is just their way of future-proofing the intellectual property and they’ve actually got no desires to revive the software.

However, many fans have been quick to speculate that this could have something to do with the rumoured “return to PSVR 2”.

Considering this filing comes months after Sony filed another PlayStation Home-related trademark back in May, this is growing increasingly more likely.

Honestly, this feels like the very least Sony could give us while we’re living through a pandemic (and will likely be practising social distancing until Australia manages to figure out its vaccine rollout). If I can’t throw a real party, I should at least be able to virtually socialise via PlayStation Home.

In a world where travel is dead, you can’t drink a beer while standing up, and millions of Australians can’t even leave a 5km radius of their home, PlayStation Home is what we need.

We’ve already seen the success of Fortnite’s in-game concerts, and even IRL festival Splendour In The Grass went VR over the weekend to bring us the next best thing to live music, so we already know that VR during the pandemic has been successful, so it wouldn’t be particularly surprising to see Sony bring back PlayStation Home.

I mean, there has truly never been a better time to revive the software.

And while you’re at it, bring back EyeToy. Actually, scratch that, just remaster the best bits of the PlayStation 1/2/3 and release a greatest hits game to hit us all in the nostalgia feels.

Go on, do it.

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