Pokémon Unite Glitch Makes Machamp Look Even More Naked

Pokémon Unite Glitch Makes Machamp Look Even More Naked
A glitch showing more of Machamp. (Image: Hukuro_Unagi)

Machamp walks around buck naked. But we knew this. Years ago, Nintendo revealed that the Pokémon’s shorts were not skimpy briefs but rather, markings (ditto for Machoke). The character is actually naked. But a new Pokémon Unite glitch drives the point home even more.

“This is because normal Pokémon do not wear clothes,” the official Japanese Pokémon website said back in 2015.

Huh, good point. This secret was a surprise when first revealed because, while it’s obvious that Pokémon are typically unclothed, it certainly seemed like Machamp and Machoke were wearing tight spandex shorts. But they’re not.

Now, in the recently launched Pokémon Unite MOBA, players have discovered the inevitable glitches. Among the most common are texture loading issues in the victory screen that appears after winning a battle, impacting both Pokémon and Trainers. The faces of the Trainers look scrambled or AWOL, and the Pokémon bugs are way more interesting.

Sometimes, that might mean coming across a pink Snorlax or, if you’re really lucky, a look at Machamp’s arse, as seen below, courtesy Twitter user Hukuro_Unagi.

Nice screenshot! Win, indeed. (If you are into Pokémon and read Japanese, you follow Hukuro_Unagi here.)

Oh, and you can see it below in motion if you like. The capture is rather small, so going full screen is recommended.

Glitches and bugs are so common when a game launches, so that alone isn’t of note. What makes this interesting is that Machamp, who is naked but doesn’t look naked, now is and looks naked. Amazing!

Machamp’s upper body also looks a bit turned around with each pair of arms facing a different direction and its head turned backward The Exorcist-style.

Stability updates will make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen, so please, by all means, enjoy an eyeful of Machamp’s little tush while you can.

Tweet and screenshot used with permission.

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