Reebok’s New Jurassic Park Collection Just Stomped All Over Your Shoe Budget

Reebok’s New Jurassic Park Collection Just Stomped All Over Your Shoe Budget
Contributor: Andrew Liszewski

Life finds a way to undo all of your responsible budgeting.

There was no shortage of merchandise when Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur epic Jurassic Park shattered box office records back in the summer of ‘93. But 28 years later we’re finally getting the really good stuff, as Reebok has revealed its entire Jurassic Park apparel collection that includes a new line of shoes inspired by characters and props in the movie and more. They’ll all be available to buy starting on July 30 on Reebok’s website, and hopefully, life will find a way for us to score a couple of pairs before they inevitably all sell out.

Reebok Club C 85 Dennis Nedry

The cleanest sneaker in the new collection might also be our favourite, as the $US110 ($147) Reebok Club C 85 gets a floral print heel design inspired by Dennis Nedry’s (Wayne Night) Hawaiian shirt. Other elements include a “zebra striped pony hair heel cap” drawing its inspiration from the patterned screensaver on Nedry’s computer, and a bright yellow tongue reminiscent of the raincoat the tragic character wore while trying to smuggle stolen dinosaur embryos off the island.

Reebok Club C 85 Alan Grant

One of the slightly more affordable options in the new collection, the $US100 ($134) Reebok Club C 85 gets an Alan Grant (Sam Neill) makeover with a tan suede upper part, an inner lining featuring the pattern on his red bandana, a denim-coloured outsole (the bottom rubber part) that also matches the sock liner inside each shoe. The right sock liner is further embellished with a Velociraptor claw graphic inspired by the fossil Grant carries with him through most of the film.

Reebok Club C Legacy Mr. DNA

The unsung hero that made Jurassic Park even possible finally gets the praise he deserves with Reebok’s $US100 ($134) Club C Legacy featuring a cartoon Mr. DNA strand beneath the clear outsole on the bottom of the left shoe, paired with a mosquito graphic on the underside of the right. A cracked egg motif can also be found on each shoe’s collar, with ‘90s-appropriate colour palettes completing the look.

Reebok Zig Devil Kinetica II

Who wouldn’t want to hop aboard one of Jurassic Park’s red and tan utility Jeeps for an unfettered tour of the island that regular tourists will never get to see? Reebok has redesigned its $US140 ($187) Zig Devil Kinetica II to pay homage to those humble utility vehicles, with a tongue featuring leather webbing, detailing inspired by the vehicles rear-view mirrors and the electric fences surrounding each paddock, and a midsole speckled with simulated mud.

Reebok Instapump Fury OG

Already revealed last month, the $US200 ($267) Reebok Instapump Fury OG is as close as you can get to strapping Jurassic Park’s tour vehicles to your feet. (Richard Kiley not included.) The leather collar lining draws its inspiration from each vehicle’s plush seats, while the upper borrows the iconic paint scheme of each vehicle. You’ll even find the official Jurassic Park mark on the pump ball: the menacing T-Rex skeleton come back to life.

Reebok Classic Leather Dr. Ian Malcolm

There’s a lot to process with the $US120 ($160) Reebok Classic Leather, inspired by Dr. Ian Malcolm’s (Jeff Goldblum) fascination with both fashion and chaos theory. One half of each shoe is finished with black leather embossed with the JP initials, while the other half is a patchwork of fabrics with various textures and patterns including floral and jungle designs. Each pair also features a faux turquoise stone brooch on the tongue, similar to the necklace Malcolm wears in the movie.

Reebok Jurassic Stomper InGen

If you prefer function over form, the $US200 ($267) Reebok Jurassic Stomper draws inspiration from the non-descript uniforms donned by InGen workers in the field. The all-black leather sneakers feature an adjustable strap in lieu of laces, a simulated strip of hazard tape on the back, the iconic Jurassic Park logo on the tongue, and multiple velcro patches that can be swapped out depending on where you want to work in the fictional corporation.

Reebok Pump Omni Zone II Dilophosaurus

Even the dino that did Nedry in is getting its own sneakers, with the $US200 ($267) Reebok Omni Zone II Dilophosaurus edition. The most dinosaur-looking of the entire lineup, the shoe features a base made of green nubuck leather (that’s been buffed to feel like a soft fabric) with areas featuring a simulated skived finish, where layers of leather have been sliced off. You’ll also find the Jurassic Park T-Rex mark on the pump ball, and a bright indigo interior lining…because the frilled Dilophosaurus was definitely flashy.

All of the Jurassic Park Reeboks will be available for sale from July 30.

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