It Looks Like Relic Is Teasing A Company Of Heroes Sequel

It Looks Like Relic Is Teasing A Company Of Heroes Sequel
Image: Company of Heroes (Steam)

Relic might have their hands full working on Age of Empires 4, but this morning it sure looks like the developer has another RTS in the works if their Twitch channel is any indication.

The official Relic Twitch channel, at the time of writing, has spent almost 6 hours broadcasting a countdown timer that’s very blatantly World War 2-themed. On the channel, there’s occasional flashes of news reels. One featured the Siege of Tobruk while I was writing this story, and the background image shows the Mediterranean.

With some of the extra footage that pops up, it’s likely that campaigns will focus on North Africa and Italy, which would be a new frontier for the Company of Heroes franchise.

company of heroes 3
Image: Twitch (Relic Entertainment)

The last Company of Heroes game was released in 2013, while the original was re-released on iPad, iOS and mobile last year. It’s certainly been long enough since Relic returned to one of their most critically acclaimed franchises — the original Company of Heroes has basically continued to serve as the inspiration for a lot of modern RTS games, including titles like Iron Harvest.

The time has just over 18 hours to run, which means the official reveal will be sometime Wednesday morning Australian time. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.


  • Yes, please! I adored the original CoH. I didn’t get so much into the sequel though.
    I considered getting Iron Harvest for a bit of a CoH hit but reviews of it are pretty patchy.

  • I hope it has loads of microtransactions, I really loved how half the commanders were gated behind lootcrates or paying real money in COH2.

    If they could also make it an always online live service I think that would really increase the amount of “fun” we as players can have.

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