Resident Evil 1 Remade In Unreal Looks Glorious

Resident Evil 1 Remade In Unreal Looks Glorious
Image: YouTube (Residence of Evil)

We’ve already seen how good remakes of Resident Evil can be. But what if the original Resident Evil got a proper touch of paint?

That’s what’s been revealed in a new video. It covers a new build of Resident Evil 1‘s Spencer Mansion, which modder MoonGlint has been slowly remaking within Unreal Engine 4.

It started with just a rebuild of Spencer Mansion in the engine to play around with the lighting and just see what the PS1-era game could look like with a use of modern textures. But after the reaction to that initial attempt, MoonGlint then went further and produced a build allowing you to run around the mansion in first-person.

It’s obviously a work in progress: there’s no smooth transition going out of one room to another, and a lot of the movement seems to have a bit of jankiness about it. But the potential is obvious and the new perspective on the original Resident Evil — especially with first-person — would be fantastic to play.

Capcom’s had massive success with Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil: Village, so the publisher knows fans are keen for more first-person horror. (Even EA is jumping back on the trend.)

MoonGlint has messed around with other properties in Unreal, to varying effect. Their attempt at remaking House of the Dead in Epic’s engine, honestly, I would happily buy. They also reproduced Kokiri Forest in Unreal, which is awesome if you like taunting yourself with the promise of things that will never eventuate.

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