Samsung’s 49-Inch Monster Monitor Has Returned

Samsung’s 49-Inch Monster Monitor Has Returned

Samsung has just announced the details of the brand-new Odyssey Neo G9, and it looks incredible building on the legacy of last year’s G9 and G7.

Using similar Quantum Mini LED Technology to what’s used in some of Samsung’s high-end 2021 TVs, this curved monitor features an ultra-wide 32:9 display with a peak brightness of 2000 nits for — finally — proper HDR PC gaming.

This monitor is all about the colour, with 2,048 dimming zones and plenty of thin micro-layers of LEDs, the darker areas of the screen will look darker while all the other colours still pop. Although one should always be wary of quoted contrast ratios, because real-world conditions can vary so much, a maximum contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 still sounds pretty good.

It features a 240Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time, a 1000R curvature — which is necessary for monitors this large if you don’t want to strain your neck checking the HUD.

As you’d expect from a monitor with this price premium, it has two HDMI 2.1 ports, G-SYNC Compatibility and FreeSync Premium Pro support.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: Australian Price, Release Date

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 back view
Proof I’m not exaggerating about the aesthetics or size. This thing is massive. Image: Samsung

Of course, it’s not a product for gamers without a futuristic design and RGB. So it has the aesthetic of a stormtrooper with Iron Man’s heart on the back, with a lighting system that can cycle through 52 colours and five lighting effect options. Using the CoreSync feature, you can sync those lights to match what’s happening on the screen, if that’s your bag.

Obviously, a monitor this big and fancy comes with a big and fancy price tag to match. The Odyssey Neo G9 will retail for $2,999 when it becomes available for pre-order on July 29 via Samsung website and in Harvey Norman. The Neo G9 will be available at retail from August 12.

Given just how many bells and whistles it has, and how much Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are going for, the price is actually pretty reasonable — especially if you’re in the market for proper HDR gaming monitors.

Update: Samsung’s initial release mentioned retailers would have the Neo G9 by August 9, but post-publication we’ve been told it will actually be available at retail from August 12.


    • That can’t be a serious question, as a digital artist my 49 super-ultrawide has been invaluable for productivity and organisation, and someone who comes from a triple monitor setup not having bezels is a huge improvement even at the sacrifice of space compared to triple, obviously for gaming (this is kotaku dude, you can’t game on a dual monitor setup with the bezel in the middle), but for everything else too. Comparing something like this to a dual monitor setup is straight up silly.

      • Jesus christ Ody, Can you fuck off with your cancerous toxic response to every fucking post.
        It is a serious question, because one monitor is set up for gaming, i play ZERO games that need to be spread over two monitors and play ZERO of the games that Alex mentioned, and when i do video editing, once again, i only need one monitor to do that and like to have the 2nd monitor setup for something else, websites these days are set up with that much wasted wide space so half of the screen is wasted, Browsing the internet on these monitors would be fucking awful.
        You can 100% game with a dual screen setup. Especially when you dont want the 2nd screen to be in game, but out of game.
        Ill take a dual screen setup than a wide boi like this any day of the week for my needs when none of the games i play need such a monitor.

  • As amazing as these are, I’m quite happy with my CRG9 for 1k less lol, I don’t think true HDR is worth the extra price (and as always 240hz is a useless gimmick humans can’t even process even if you have graphics cards which cost more than the monitor to run a game at that high a framerate) even if I could afford it. I don’t upgrade for another 3 years or so, maybe then!

    • The 240Hz thing has literally been proven in studies before! And then there’s the benefits to input lag, reaction times and visibility in motion th–ah you know what, forget it.

      • The last bit of your sentence is honestly one of the most intelligent things ive read on this website.

    • “graphics cards which cost more than the monitor” seems a bit odd … I’d estimate that most graphics cards cost more than the monitor they’re designed for (e.g. it’s pretty easy to get a very good 1440p240 monitor for less that even the RRP of the RTX3070 or RX5700 cards that are designed to drive them).

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