There’s A Wild Easter Egg Hiding In The New Sea Of Thieves Expansion

There’s A Wild Easter Egg Hiding In The New Sea Of Thieves Expansion
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Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is a brand new chapter for the seafaring franchise — but it’s not just Pirates of the Caribbean that the game’s new expansion pays homage to.

As players discovered early this week, A Pirate’s Life actually includes a killer Easter Egg to an absolute classic. It’s a great little tribute, but as not all players may have discovered it, here’s a spoiler warning in advance.

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Right, so here’s how you find the new Easter egg.

As you progress through the game’s new Pirates-themed Tall Tales, you’ll eventually find yourself on a bridge near Sailor’s Grave. It leads to a shipwreck known as the Headless Monkey, which is littered with journals written by Captain Kate Capsize from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. 

Not only do the journals detail her quest across the ocean, they also reference Monkey Island protagonist Guybrush Threepwood.

“I have to assume that Threepwood somehow made it to the Sea of Thieves. And that means I must do the same,” one entry reads. While it’s unknown whether Threepwood is actually in the game, the mini quest seems to imply he’ll be included at some point.

As you explore, you’ll also hear a remixed version of the Monkey Island theme, which is a fantastic little nod for fans of the game.

If you’re diving in with A Pirate’s Life, makes sure you dive in and check out this easter egg.

How to access the Monkey Island easter egg

To access the Monkey Island easter egg in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life you’ll need to tackle the Secret of the Grave commendation, unlocked after completing Poor Dougie’s Quest. If you haven’t unlocked this yet, keep tackling quests until you do.

Then once you’re near Sailor’s Grave, follow these steps:

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Image: xGarbett/YouTube
  • Go to the pulley tower and angle the sails so the lighthouse beam shines on a brazier in the cliffside
  • Ignite the cliffside brazier via the beam
  • Then manoeuvre the light and ignite the brazier by the wrecked ship’s sails
  • Cross the newly-opened bridge by Sailor’s Grave Entrance
  • Traverse the wrecked ship and grab the five Headless Monkey journals placed within

It’s just another great reason to dive into the waters of Sea of Thieves.


  • Really makes you wonder how far away we are from having ol’ Threepwood show up in the flesh. I’m sure ol’ Dominic Armato could be persuaded to come back.

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