Skyward Sword HD’s New Free Camera Looks Great, But There’s A Catch

Skyward Sword HD’s New Free Camera Looks Great, But There’s A Catch
Screenshot: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword looks to be saved from its status as the series’ red-headed stepchild thanks to a bunch of quality-of-life changes in this week’s high-definition Switch port. Nintendo has been happy to trot these out periodically, with the newest reveal being a free, fully controllable camera. Sadly, it has a slight drawback.

While the original Skyward Sword on Wii featured a fixed camera, Skyward Sword HD will give you the ability to move that sucker around to your heart’s content. According to the official Zelda account over on Twitter, players who prefer the new, button-based controls can hold down the left bumper to free up the right stick for scanning the environment.

As previously shown, however, that right stick is a crucial part of Skyward Sword HD’s updated control scheme, acting as a replacement for the motion-based sword attacks that vexed players in the original. This means (at least as far as I can tell without the game in my hands) that players won’t be able to attack and move the camera at the same time. An annoyance, for sure, but it’s still better than nothing.

Of course, folks who choose to stick with those dang waggle controls can enjoy the free camera at all times. Decisions, decisions.

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Other improvements being made in Skyward Sword HD include enhanced visuals and framerate, a reduction in companion Fi’s interruptions, the ability to fast-forward through dialogue and skip cutscenes, and no more repeated item descriptions after you’ve already encountered them. Since many of these problems contributed to the game’s poor reception the first time around, it seems like Nintendo is really dedicated to getting such details right this time.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD launches on Switch this Friday, July 16.


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