Smash Player Effs Up Opponent

Smash Player Effs Up Opponent

Last night, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor styled on his opponent so hard that the entire venue lost their minds.

Mega Smash Mondays is a weekly Super Smash Bros. event held in La Mirada, California that, after moving online due to the covid-19 pandemic, recently returned to in-person competition. Whether that’s a smart move remains to be seen, what with rising infection numbers and concerns over new variants, although I guess you’re never going to get a moment like this over netplay.

But I digress. A few rounds into the 256-player tournament, local competitors RockMan and Marvellous Marco found themselves tied up heading into the third and final round of their set.

RockMan, using Steve Minecraft rather than his namesake, took a commanding lead thanks to his smart building strategies. Marvellous Marco was on the ropes as the match came to a close, giving RockMan just enough time to not just eliminate his opponent for good with a well-timed Smash attack, but construct a giant “F” on the battlefield beforehand.

Naturally, everyone went nuts.

Using the letter “F” to denote someone’s failure or humiliation has been popular in gaming culture since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2014. While a critical and financial success, the first-person shooter was also widely lambasted for its unintentionally hilarious “Press F to Pay Respects” prompt, which boiled down a poignant scene to a simple quick-time event.

Since then, the meme has expanded to dropping an “F” in the comments of a video or live stream chat when something embarrassing happens, sometimes at the request of the uploader or streamer themselves as a show of solidarity. Leave it to the internet to turn a single letter into a meme with layers and layers of meaning.

Shortly after this amazing display of disrespectful block-building prowess, RockMan himself would be eliminated from Mega Smash Mondays, tying for a respectable 17th in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bracket. That said, he should definitely win some sort of consolation prize for providing one of the craziest moments of the night.

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