Square Enix Producer Doesn’t Like Drip-Fed PR

Square Enix Producer Doesn’t Like Drip-Fed PR
Players are eager to get their hands on Final Fantasy XVI. (Screenshot: Square Enix)

Square Enix producer Naoki Yoshida is hard at work on Final Fantasy XVI. As Kotaku reported last spring, the producer has been trying to manage expectations for the game. In a recent livestream, he also discussed his dislike for drip-fed PR.

Previously, Yoshida said that he didn’t want to show pre-rendered footage, but rather real-time in-game footage, adding, “If it were just a rendered trailer, there would be comments I’ve seen in America and elsewhere like, ‘See you in 2035!’”

In recent livestream, Yoshida once again talked about his approach to the upcoming game’s rollout. As Inside reports, he did provide a brief update, saying that he game’s scenario was finalised and the voice recording was entering its final stage. But don’t expect a big info dump anytime soon — or even a drip-fed one.

It’s not that Yoshida is trying to hold back info about the game, but rather, he wants to release info about the game shortly before release. That way, players can decide soon if they want to purchase the game and have it in their hands. “I thought we could have something for the Tokyo Game Show, but we probably won’t be ready in time,” said Yoshida. What does that mean? Probably not much info about the game until it’s ready for prime time.

Yoshida explains why he's not into dragging out game info.  (Screenshot: Final Fantasy XIV@YouTube)Yoshida explains why he’s not into dragging out game info. (Screenshot: Final Fantasy XIV@YouTube)

“Personally, I get tired when little tidbits of information are strung out over time,” said the producer. I do, too! For years, that seemed to be the general M.O. at Square Enix with countless, frustrating “Please be excited” teasers. It’s refreshing to hear someone at the company who, likewise, isn’t a fan of dripfed PR.

“Of course, for the company, I get showing something for TGS,” said Yoshida, who bluntly added that there will be no surprise FFXVI reveal at the show. Instead, Yoshida wants to put the game in players hands after showing more, as opposed to stringing them along, which in the past for Square Enix, could mean dragging things out for years.

“I’m grateful certainly that people are waiting and looking forward to the game,” said Yoshida, “but I believe it’s not good to put out something half-cocked and get people all excited.”


  • Good. Hype cycles that go on for too long result in unattainable expectations and only burn players out on the thing before it’s even released. We’ve seen recently how this is true for journalists, too. Cyberpunk *cough* 2077 *cough*

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