The ACCC Just Revealed How Fast NBN 1000 Actually Is

The ACCC Just Revealed How Fast NBN 1000 Actually Is
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The ACCC just released its most recent Measuring Broadband Report, and for the first time ever it has revealed just how fast NBN 1000 actually is.

NBN 1000 stands for 1000Mbps. But in the real world you’re unlikely to ever get this. This is because there are a myriad of things that can impact your connection speed — from the hardware you’re using and congestion to the type of NBN connection you’re on.

NBN 1000 is still a relatively new speed tier compared to the likes of NBN 100 and NBN 50. So until now it has been unclear what speeds users are likely to get, particularly during peak periods.

We now have an answer, and it’s not the best news.

According to the ACCC, NBN 1000 users (referred to as Home Ultrafast by NBN Co) experienced average speeds between 608 and 745 Mbps during peak periods. In Australia, those are the hours Between 7-11pm. The ACCC found that performance on these connections dropped by 23 per cent compared to the overall maximum throughout the day.

There’s two ways to look at this. One the one hand, this is quite a significant drop during peak periods compared to other speed tiers which. By comparison, they aren’t as badly affected. And if you’re paying for this higher speed tier, it’s fair if you’re expecting more.

On the other hand, this is still significantly faster than what you would get on an NBN 100 or NBN 50 connection.

“We encourage consumers who are weighing up whether to upgrade to a very high speed tier to consider the value of these services relative to their normal daily usage,” ACCC Commissioner Anna Brakey said in a press release.

“Most Australians have 50 Mbps speed plans which are capable of meeting the needs of a typical household, even when multiple devices are online at the same time.”

That being said, if you’re still interested in NBN 1000, here’s the cheapest plans available at the moment. Just remember that not all NBN connections can get NBN 1000 yet. Only certain FTTP and HFC connections are compatible at the present time.

Here’s how you can find out what connection type you have at your house.

And these are the fastest:

NBN performance is better than ever

This quarter’s report also revealed that NBN performance is stronger than ever. Considering that many Aussies are still working from home during the pandemic, this is great news.

“Overall, average download speeds were 95.7 per cent of plan speed during the busy evening hours, and 96.7 per cent during all hours of the day, marginally higher than in the December 2020 report,” the ACCC said.

This time around Optus claimed the top spot once again after being beaten by TPG last quarter.

Optus apparently had 100 per cent average speeds overall and 99.1 per cent during peak periods, which is an excellent result.

It was closely followed by Exetel which also offered 100 per cent overall, with a drop to 98.7 per cent during peak hours.

Here’s a full list of the results:

Overall Peak hours
Aussie Broadband 96.6% 96%
Dodo & iPrimus 87.7% 86.8%
Exetel 100% 98.7%
iiNet 95.5% 94.7%
MyRepublic 96.2% 94.3%
Optus 100% 99.1%
Superloop 94.7% 92.7%
Telstra 98.3% 97.6%
TPG 97.5% 96.8%
Vodafone 91.7% 90.9%

Considering the fresh results, now might be a good time to shop around for a new provider.

Here’s the fastest NBN 100 connections in Australia right now:


  • Yeah. NBN through TPG in Mount Druitt is shit. I get ADSL level speeds a lot of the time. Not ADSL+ or ADSL2, but just ol’ ADSL verging on dialup.

  • Don’t bother with MyRepublic if you want to download anything at peak periods on Xbox or PS, they throttle the download speeds down to 10 Mbps in the evening. Run a speed test at that time and it tells me I have 80-90 Mbps but downloads don’t tick much about 10. Outside of the evening it returns to normal.

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