The Division 2’s Massive Drones Are Breaking The Game Right Now

The Division 2’s Massive Drones Are Breaking The Game Right Now
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Large and deadly weaponised marauder drones are normally a threat in The Division 2. But right now they are even more of a danger than usual: If you shoot one, you’ll receive an annoying error and be kicked from the game. The bug is making it next to impossible to complete some missions and events.

In The Division 2, marauder drones are huge flying machines that contain multiple weapons. These flying tanks can easily kill players who aren’t prepared, though they have weak points for players to target. Except not right now, because shooting these things will break everything.

When exactly this bug began happening in Ubisoft’s online shooter is hard to say, but most reports of the error appear to have started on July 10. Since then, things haven’t got better. Players across all platforms seem to be encountering this bug. All it takes to activate the annoying error message is to shoot the drone. A few seconds after doing that, you’ll get kicked from the game. Some are reporting that if you shoot the drone’s large, very obvious weak points you’ll get kicked sooner than if you just shoot the other areas of it. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. Shoot this big boy and you’ll be disconnected and kicked from the game.

If you encounter one of these large drones out in the open world it’s annoying but avoidable, as public drone events are optional. The real issue occurs when these drones appear in missions, like one that takes place at the Pentagon. In these cases, you are sort of screwed as these drones are often treated as boss fights and must be destroyed to progress through the mission. This has become an even bigger problem for players when these drone-filled missions are connected to a daily challenge or event.

Some players have claimed that you can brute force your way through these missions if you play solo, as the game tracks your progress and lets you keep pushing after each error message. But it’s hard going and not the ideal way to play Division 2. Most folks are avoiding these drones and any missions involving them like the plague while they wait for a fix.

Massive and Ubisoft haven’t yet publicly addressed the issue with marauder drones or when to expect a fix. Kotaku has reached out to Ubisoft.

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