Twitch Spammers Just Wanted To Save Snoop Dogg From Stream Fail

Twitch Spammers Just Wanted To Save Snoop Dogg From Stream Fail
Image: Snoop Dogg / Twitch / Kotaku

Obscenely famous rapper Snoop Dogg streams on Twitch pretty regularly these days, because he beat the game that is life a long time ago, and now he’s just doing side quests. His most recent push for existence’s Platinum trophy, regrettably, did not go so well.

At first glance, yesterday’s Snoop stream was not unlike the others he’s done in recent months. He fired up a game in the series he always streams, Madden NFL, and smoked what he always smokes: weed (every day). However, something was different this time, and it became evident pretty much immediately: There was no sound. Snoop is far from the first streamer to be afflicted by the common Twitch cold that is technical troubles, but he proceeded to play virtual ball for an hour without changing anything.

You might be thinking, “Why didn’t chat say anything?” Well, you see, it couldn’t — but that didn’t stop it from trying. Snoop had set his chat to emote-only mode, meaning that viewers could not use words, so instead they resorted to every combination of symbols they could think of to represent “no sound.” They hurled volleys of signs that said “nay”on them paired with musical notes, as well as microphones and pictures of dogs. They also tried multiple variations on mute icons: speakers with slashes through them and the like. Unfortunately, Snoop either did not get the message or was not paying attention to chat.

After a bit over an hour, he ended the stream. He has not streamed since, nor has he acknowledged his return to the age of silent film on social media. Some very cursory detective work reveals a possible culprit: Snoop appears to have recently changed streaming locations, which could have messed up his settings. In his second to most recent stream, he had game sound, but no face cam. Now he has a camera, but no sound.

In some ways, though, this stream lived up to its billing. The title for Snoop’s most recent stream (and dozens of others prior) is “It’s a chill vibe in here. I don’t stream like everyone else just vibe.” And indeed, watching him smoke weed and play Madden in perfect silence — while everybody in chat absolutely lost their goddamn minds — was most certainly a vibe.

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