Twitch Streamer’s Missing Daughter Found

Twitch Streamer’s Missing Daughter Found
Image: Mikey Perkins

Last weekend, Sarah Perkins, the 17-year-old daughter of Twitch streamer Mikey “MikeyPerk” Perkins, went missing. This sparked off a huge community wide effort to find her, led by Mikey himself. Late last night, he was finally able to deliver some good news: Sarah has been found.

Mikey Perkins gave everyone an update via Twitter and thanked the community for diligently helping locate Sarah.

“SARAH HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!!!!” he wrote. “The tippers noticed her from the flyers I put out and guess what…TWITTER!!! My daughter is found because of YOU! I am so happy and relieved!! THANK YOU ALL so much!!”

In a YouTube video, Mikey Perkins further credited “multiple tipsters” and “everyone sharing to other platforms.” He also noted that “there’s a long story to this,” which he plans on sharing in the future.

Kotaku reached out to Mikey Perkins for more information about the conditions under which his daughter was found, but as of this publishing, he did not reply.

The Carlisle, Ohio police department, which had been searching for Sarah, echoed Mikey Perkins’ sentiment on Facebook. “Sarah was located and returned safely around midnight on 7/2/21,” the police department wrote in an update to its original post about Sarah.

Sarah Perkins first went missing the evening of June 25. At the time, Mikey Perkins said that Sarah’s friends told him she “snuck out to go to a hotel with over-age people (20-21).” The Carlisle, Ohio police department began searching for her on June 26 — the day after she went missing. Mikey Perkins did his best to aid in the effort by marshalling support across Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube under the hashtag #FindSarah. While he provided regular video updates, members of his community (and many others) spread information about Sarah Perkins and her last known whereabouts via thousands of tweets and retweets. This led to some criticism that he was using a personal tragedy to promote his brand, but he said he was simply “using what I have to try to get her home.”

Nearly a week later, it seems to have all worked out, with Mikey Perkins crediting that large-scale effort with his daughter’s safe return.

“Thank you so much,” he said in his YouTube video announcing that Sarah had been found. “Seriously, thank you. All the prayers, everything — it all helped. She’s safe, let’s go, thank you so much.”

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