What’s Your Favourite Game On Every Console You’ve Owned?

What’s Your Favourite Game On Every Console You’ve Owned?

I was talking to a friend the other day about how God of War 3 was absolutely groundbreaking on the PS3, which got me thinking back to a great post from a few years ago.

As we did last time, the rules are pretty straightforward. What consoles have you owned, and what’s been your favourite game for each of those consoles? This is console only, so PCs aren’t included — I think the generational nature of PCs makes more sense to give that its own article.

The games don’t have to be exclusive to that particular console. It’s down to your history with the games! If you really loved a multi-plat title on a particular console because that’s what you owned at the time, then that’s your favourite.

Let’s begin!

Game Boy: NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Fun fact: this version of NBA Jam was made by the Victorians at Torus Games!)

Nintendo DS Lite: Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Nintendo Wii: Wii Tennis

PlayStation 3: Uncharted 2

Xbox 360: Assassin’s Creed 2

PlayStation 4: Destiny: Rise of Iron

Xbox One: Ori and the Blind Forest

PlayStation 5: Returnal 

Xbox Series X: Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Nintendo Switch: Slay the Spire

My family wasn’t that well off as a kid, so a Game Boy (courtesy of a pirate’s market in Singapore, I’m told) was the best we had for a long time. And being a programmer, my Dad was much more into older PCs, so I’ve got a lot more memories with those growing up.

But what about yourselves — what was your favourite game on every console you’ve ever owned?


  • STUN Runner – Atari Lynx (Lemmings runner up)
    Alien Vs Predator – Atari Jaguar
    Vectorman – Sega Megadrive (Mortal Kombat runner up)
    Elite Beat Agents – Nintendo DS
    Jet-Set-Radio Sega Dreamcast (Soul Calibre/Rez runners up)
    Ridge Racer – PS1
    Metal Gear Solid2 – PS2
    Halo – Xbox
    Splatoon – Wii-U
    Animal Crossing – Switch

    • Good ole Stun Runner, I still own it for the Lynx. I personally loved Shadow of the Beast though, was such an excellent port.

  • In the order in which I first acquired each console:
    Game Boy – Mario’s Picross
    DSi – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    Wii – Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Xbox 360 – Batman Arkham Asylum
    PSP – Persona 3 Portable
    PS1 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    Game Boy Advance: Ninja Cop
    PS2 – Burnout 3: Takedown
    PS3 – Persona 5
    Switch – The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    3DS – Shin Megami Tensei IV

  • Hanimex: Air-Sea Battle
    Atari 2600: Pitfall
    Megadrive: Desert Strike
    PS1: Final Fantasy 7
    PS2: Metal Gear Solid 3
    PS3: The Last Of Us
    DS: New Super Mario Bros
    PS Vita: Persona 4 Golden

    Not entirely comfortable with my PS2 selection in particular – too many games that I loved on that machine.

  • I honestly don’t know if I can do this, but I’ll try.

    Intellivision – Scooby Doo’s Maze Chase
    Atari 7800 – Karateka
    Atari Lynx – Shadow of the Beast
    Game Boy – Link’s Awakening
    NES – Super Mario Bros. 3
    SNES – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
    Mega Drive – Castlevania Bloodlines
    PlayStation – Final Fantasy VII
    GameCube – Metroid Prime
    Xbox – Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
    Wii – Xenoblade Chronicles
    PlayStation 3 – L.A. Noire
    Wii U – Mario Kart 8
    3DS – Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
    PlayStation 4 – Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Switch – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Atari 2600 – River Raid
    NES – Zelda
    Sega Master System – Alex Kidd in Miracle World
    SNES – Chrono Trigger
    Genesis – Beavis and Butthead
    N64 – 1080 Snowboarding
    PS1- Silent Hill
    PS2 -GTA:SA
    Xbox 360 – Red Dead Redemption
    PS3 – Uncharted 2
    PS4 – Red Dead Redemption 2
    Switch – Super Mario Odyssey
    PS5 – Spider-Man Miles Morales

  • We’re including hand helds? Have some incredibly random titles!

    Atari 2600 – Atlantis
    NES – Barbie
    SNES – Breath of Fire 2
    PS1 – Suikoden
    Saturn – Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3
    Dreamcast – Phantasy Star Online
    Gameboy Colour – Pokemon Yellow
    Atari Lynx – California Games
    PS2 – Fatal Frame 2
    Xbox – Fatal Frame 2 Director’s Cut
    Gameboy Advance – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    DS – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    PS3 – Arkham City
    360 – Mass Effect
    PSP – Persona 1
    Wii – Fatal Frame 4 – Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
    3DS – Devil Survivor Overclocked
    PS Vita – Danganronpa
    PS4 – Resident Evil 7
    Wii U – Splatoon
    Switch – Moe Chronicles H

  • Favourite games on consoles I’ve owned:
    Atari XE – Archon
    Game Boy – Othello (it was the only game I had on the system and I hated it)
    PS1 – MGS
    PS2 – Shadow of the Colossus/MGS3 (can’t split them)
    PS4 – TLoU2

  • I play primarily on PC so if I played through the game on PC it wont be eligible for my console list. Also I massively regret buying an Xbox One X and a Switch considering I only played one thing on each of them lol.

    Gameboy – Pokemon Red/Blue
    Gameboy Colour – Pokemon Gold/Silver
    Nintendo 64 – Ocarina of Time
    Nintendo DS – Pokemon Black/White
    Nintendo 3DS – Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
    Nintendo Switch – Nothing because new pokemon was garbage.
    PS1 – Final Fantasy 8
    PS2 – Final Fantasy X
    PS3 – Metal Gear Solid 4
    PS4 – Uncharted 4
    X360 – Red Dead Redemption
    X1X – Red Dead Redemption at a higher resolution and better framerate

  • List is in console order of when I got them.

    NES: Super Mario Bros
    GB: Tetris
    SNES: Super Mario Kart
    Sega Megadrive: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    GBC: The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons
    N64: Banjo Tooie
    Gamecube: Tales of Symphonia
    PS2: GTA San Andreas
    GBA SP: Golden Sun: The Lost Age
    Wii: Wii Sports Resort
    DS: New Super Mario Bros
    PS3: MGS HD Collection
    PSP: Tales of the World
    Xbox 360: Dead Rising 2
    3DS: The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes
    Wii U: Super Smash Bros for Wii U
    Xbox One: Rare Replay
    PS4: Red Dead Redemption 2
    Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
    PS5: Maneater
    Xbox Series S: Hitman 3

  • On the consoles I own and games I currently own:

    NES – Super Mario Bros 3
    SNES – Zelda: A Link to the Past (Would be Chrono Trigger if I’d owned it), Tied with Terranigma
    N64 – Ocarina of Time (Shadow Man runner up)
    Gamecube – Metroid Prime (F-Zero GX runner up)
    Gameboy – Kirby
    Gameboy Colour – Zelda Oracle of Ages
    Gameboy Advance – Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
    Nintendo DS – Sonic Rush or NSMB maybe?
    Nintendo 3DS – Zelda: Link between Worlds or Ocarina Remake
    Nintendo Wii – Mario Galaxy 2
    Nintendo Wii U – Wind Waker HD
    Nintendo Switch – Breath of the Wild (Pikmin 3 multiplayer is runner up!!)
    Master System – Sonic Chaos
    Mega Drive – Sonic 3
    Sega Saturn – Saturn Bomberman
    Sega Dreamcast – Sonic Adventure 2
    Sega GameGear – Sonic 2
    PS1 – Tekken 3
    PS2 – Metal Gear Solid 2 or Jak and Daxter
    PS3 – Uncharted 2
    PS4 – Nier Automata
    PSP – Daxter
    Xbox Original – Beyond Good and Evil
    Xbox 360 – Maybe one of the Halo’s
    Neo Geo Pocket Colour – Sonic Pocket Adventure (it’s all I own!)
    Atari 2600 – Solaris or Maze Craze

  • NES – Mario 3
    SNES – Super Mario World
    N64 – Mario Kart 64
    Gamecube – Mario Kart Double Dash
    Gameboy – Pokemon Red
    Gameboy Colour – Pokemon Crystal
    Gameboy Advance – Super Circuit
    Nintendo DS – MKDS
    Nintendo 3DS – MK7
    Nintendo Wii – Super Paper Mario
    Nintendo Wii U – Bayonetta 2
    Nintendo Switch – Smash Ultimate
    Mega Drive – Sonic 3
    PS3 – Uncharted 2
    PS4 – Uncharted 4
    Xbox – GTA Vice City
    Xbox 360 – Fallout 3
    Xbox One – Fallout 4

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